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  1. I have a 1987 subaru gl 1.8 liter engine 4w4 I am replacing thermostat. What temperture thermostat do i need to use.
  2. Can a front wheel drive tranny be exchanged for a 4 wheel drive tranny in a 1987 subaru gl and bolt up perfectly
  3. Is the transfer case and transmission married on a 1987 subaru gl 1.8 liter 4wd I have a seal in transfer case that cannot be replaced and is filling up with tranny fluid.Do i need just another transfer case or get another tranny too. Need someone who knows for sure. THANKS
  4. I have a 1987 subaru gl AT-4WD-1.8 LITER The transfer case keeps filling up with fluid from the transmission.I took it to a mechanic and he did not know how to fix it.Need a subaru man who knows whats going on. Help!
  5. I have 1987 subaru gl 1.8 liter 4 wd The transmission fluid is leaking into transfer case.My mechanic had it apart but could not fix it.Says i need to replace tranny and case.There has to be something else to do for now.. before that. Need help ....
  6. used car


    Glossgary,Thanks for your time. Yes they removed tranny from vechicle and replaced 3 or 4 seals to stop transmission fluid leak into transfer case.Well it stopped it but when they put it back in, it was in 4wd and would not come out.So this transmission shop took it out of car again and could not find the cause.So they put it back in and told me i needed new transmission.They say they did nothing wrong but it worked just fine before they worked on it.They will not make good on it. 4wd indicator light on dash works when i hit toggle switch but it does't go out of 4wd. I ended up removing rear haft of drive shaft so rear wheels are'nt engaged.Still isn't that hard on the transmission to run it like that? Need your help!
  7. used car


    the transmission shop i took it to cannot get it to go out of 4 wheel drive The 4x4 button on the shifter broke 6 months ago and was replaced with toggle switch.It worked good until they took it apart recently and will not go out of 4x4.The tranny shifts good and everything I dont want to have to pay for another one.... Need your help......
  8. I had transmission fluid leak into transfer case fixed.But when they put it back together it is stuck in 4 wheel drive and they don't know how to get it out of 4x4 .I need someone who know's GL transmissions.I cannot drive it like that all the time......
  9. I had work done on 1987 subaru gl 1.8 liter -Front wheel drive with 4x4 on demand.There is a wire missing from a solenoid on side of tranny to a screw in bolt with 2 wire leads on it. no one knows what happened to it or what it is or called.Car seems to be stuck in 4 wheel drive. Need help Used car...........
  10. I have a 1987 subaru gl 1.8 liter 3 speed automatic with 4x4 on demand.What type of transmission does it have and should all 4 tires turn when its not engaged in 4 wheel drive.We had it up on a lift and put it in gear and thats what it was doing. What is going on
  11. What type of fluid is used in subaru gl transfer case 4 wheel drive!
  12. used car

    tranny fluid leak

    can the tranny fluid fill transfer case from a bad seal in transfer case or the one in tranny. I need some help!
  13. I HAVE A 1987 SUBARU GL and i'm finding transmission fluid in the transfer case.What is going on.How to fix it?
  14. used car


    It turned out to be the vacuum line on modulator valve.The rubber hose on the end had wore out and collapsed.Replaced it and it runs perfect now.
  15. i have 1987 subaru gl 1.8 l 4x4 It does not want to shift into 3rd gear lately.1st to 2nd good shift.What could cause that and how to fix it. Thanks