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  1. Subeast-EA81

    New to Forum

    Welcome! your in good company. lots of knowledgeable good natured folks here.
  2. I was good to Meet you Moosens, and great spending time with the rest of you at WCSS. I miss it already.
  3. Subeast-EA81

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    Welcome! what kind of swap are you entertaining?
  4. if its running rough in the AM and hard starting, my guess from experience is the coolant temp sensor is not functioning correctly, (Code 21) therefore not telling the ECM to richen the mixture for a cold start condition (common failure). Hope this helps
  5. Ok! Good News the Inhibitor Switch took care off many of the issues, i can now start the car with the key, the back up lights now work, the torque converter locks up at proper intervals and i can manual shift the car as it now is aware of what gear its in. However it still downshifts like a mad teenager in a honda trying to pass a bus, as in it comes out of gear revs up to about 4 grand then falls into the desired lower gear violently. could that possible be the line pressure resistor located on the passengers strut tower? slowly getting closer to making this thing road worthy
  6. Update! i climbed under the car to examine the inhibitor switch as its called (its acutely a combination PRND321 position switch) upon removal of the switch i bench tested it as per the FSM and found it to be faulty, this would also explain why it will not start unless i hot wire it. Will have a new switch in hand tomorrow and will update with results.
  7. congrats on the brat!! greetings from battle ground Wa!
  8. ill check on the that TCU location when i get home, as far as the Diag. connectors those are not plugged in, like i said above i'm a pretty good wrench but auto transmissions are not my forte' but for some reason this appears to be something common that's making the transmission behave like a neanderthal, and TCU is a good suspect. However the fluid change is in its future i'm sure
  9. The TCU was also something I suspected. Although I'm not sure how I would go about testing it? The trans fluid looks fresh and new as as does the spin-on filter perhaps changing the fluid again would help but the suggestion you made about possibly being jumped backwards and smoking the TCU and the immobilizer sounds quite possible.
  10. i purchased the car with a blown axle, and the alarm system stuck immobilize, Replaced the axle, bypassed the alarm system. Trans fluid was low when i got it running, and i have topped it off with fresh, checked while warm while idling. Car has a clean title, and i ran the vin after purchase, it came with records including a full trans service from Meineke within the last 20k miles. No warning lights or codes at this time.
  11. So my 2000 forester seams to be possessed,... for starters it doesn't seem to matter where i place the shifter,... i.e. 1-2-3-D it will still shift all the way to 4th gear at regular RPMS as if it was in Drive. Second when it goes to downshift up a hill or passing it falls out of gear,..revs up past 4 grand then slams right back into the gear it came from, and lastly the torque converter is not locking up at all.. This thing has me perplexed,.. I'm a pretty good wrench but I'm not auto trans wiz. any suggestions are appreciated.
  12. Subeast-EA81

    Lifted Rigs 2017 Roll Call

    91 Loyale EA82 SPFI Delta Cams Running 27 Degrees Advanced on Premium Fuel Ported Polished Caterpillar 150Amp Alternator Detroit Diesel/Racor Catch Can 3" Cat Back 4" SOS/Allied lift 15" SOS/Allied wheels 235/75-R15 Federals Legacy Seats SOS/Allied Stainless Skid Plate D/R Conversion GMRS Radio On Dash Android tablet Custom LED interior Lighting Tons of Exterior Lights Alpine IDA-305s Deck Pioneer EQ JL 13.5 w6 @ 500w 2ohm And the List goes on......
  13. Well pulled the car in garage and the water pump is leaking now
  14. Yeah I'm sure. I just got home from a short vacation and the car had sat. No signs of leaking. You suggest head gaskets however the compression gas tests (I did 5 tests) came up negitive. Is it still a possibility?
  15. i had already relieved the pressure via the cap and was testing with the cap off. Hose was pulled with the radiator cap off and engine off. then started and idled up momentarily