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  1. I have a 1987 GL Wagon 1.8L OHV. Is there a complete exhaust system I can purchase? Either cat back, or header and all. Thanks
  2. I have a 1987 GL 4-door wagon with push button 4WD. It has a 3-speed auto trans, A/C, Carb, 1.8L, all power options. When searching for transmissions at car-part dot com, I see FWD or AWD. Under descriptions provided by the wrecking yard, I see 2WD, 4WD, FWD, and AWD. I know that 1987 had both 4WD and AWD, carburetor and fuel injection. 1) Was there such a thing as a FWD (no 4WD button) during 1985 - 87? 2) Which transmission do I need? 3) Does anyone have a good used one with torque converter for sale that will ship, preferably in the pacific northwest? Thanks
  3. Sorry, I wasn't clear in my post: Does FWD mean 4 x 2? Or does it mean FWD under normal operation with 4WD button available? Was there a 4 x 2 FWD offered in 1985 - 87? What transmission do I ask for? I know it's not AWD. No one lists a 4WD transmission. is a FWD transmission 4 x 2, or normally FWD with a 4WD actuator? Now I'm more confused . . . . . my question simplified is which transmission do I specify in order to get the correct one . . . .
  4. A friend snapped this pic in Battleground WA. Member name?
  5. . Hey I'm still new here so excuse my ignorance, but what are the differences between the Loyale Wagons of the 80's and the GL wagons? From the pics I've seen on here they look pretty much the same. I started a thread on my 1987 GL Wagon a few weeks ago. Was the Loyale a fancier option package or something? Thanks for reading / answering my newbie question. .
  6. DT250a

    87 GL Wagon (picture heavy)

    . EJ22 would be sweet! I just helped a friend sell a 1990 Legacy 2WD with EJ22 for 1200 bux. I coulda bought it for 600 bux cash & done the swap on my `87 wagon but oh well. .
  7. . Haha maybe I'll borrow someone else's dog for the 28th! This Saturday in Moscow is sitting at a 20% chance. .
  8. DT250a

    North Idaho GL

    . Drive line service in Lewi?
  9. . Hello everyone. This is my first thread on this fine forum. I know that the search function is your friend. I have read a few threads that pertain to my situation, but feel I should still start my own. Even though most of my issues have been covered in other threads, each vehicle is a little different. Also, the more threads addressing a certain problem, the easier for people to search & see different perspectives. I hope that the semi-redundancy of my issues doesn't offend anyone. Without further adieu, here is my story: My father had this 1987 Subaru GL-10 wagon that was collecting dust. He said that he wanted to sell it, but had to sort out a carburetor problem first. A few months later I needed an extra vehicle & asked him how much. "Free". Here she is: .
  10. . Thanks for the heads up. This wagon is too clean to bash the fenders in. I will keep looking. I think I want black wheels & tinted windows. The Mazda option looks promising. I had an extra set of Mazda factory spokes like 10 years ago. Sold them with the snow tires on them. go figure. It would also be nice if I could find something with center caps. .
  11. Hey Guys, I'm in WA state. Idaho is less than a mile from my front door. Oregon is about 60 miles to the south. I joined this forum after inheriting a 1987 GL-10 4WD Wagon w/ 3AT. My father had it Weberized by a local shop. It ran great for a couple years then developed a miss due to vacuum issues. My thread is here: http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=135888 Oh, I do have an important question. Is it Soobie, Suby, Subie, or Sooby? How do you spell Sue-bee ?? .
  12. . You can come help me with my vacuum lines anytime LOL. .
  13. . I need to go out to Wilson's Banner Ranch here soon for some big pumpkins!! .
  14. DT250a

    North Idaho GL

    . Fun stuff. Come down to Asotin & I'll show you a cool soob friendly trail just up the creek a ways. .
  15. . Nice thread. What type of school do you go to? .
  16. Is that a custom trailer hitch? I bought a CURT brand through atech auto (for 1987 GL Wagon) & as I installed it I marveled at the 'light-duty-ness' of the design. 200lb tongue weight woot woot! .
  17. Ooooooh . . . . just my luck huh. What exactly went wrong in 1987 for the GL? What should I look for / change on mine? .
  18. DT250a

    87 GL Wagon (picture heavy)

    . Little drops of muriatic acid . . . . . or some worker dropped his Nerds at some casting foundry in Japan .
  19. DT250a

    My 1993 Loyale: Work In Progress

    Where is pull and save exactly? I need to go there. My local yard in Lewiston doesn't let you pull your own parts anymore .
  20. . Is the original poster still around? Someone needs to just take charge & plan it or it won't happen. I like the Athol IDea. Farragaut state park is right there. .
  21. . That's kinda cool. I have an 87 GL wagon. Are you not able to install a full DIN sized stereo in these? Are there any kits out there to install a deck or for the wiring even? .
  22. . This isn't a daily driver so no worries that I'm just going to be driving it in a state of poor tune, causing more problems. I do plan on buying a timing light & vacuum gauge / pump kit. While I do have a lot of tools, they are mostly related to 2-stroke motorcycle work. Next step will be to clean & degrease the engine so that I can tackle vacuum lines & eliminate any possible leaks. Then I will seafoam the intake & oil & change oil / filter. I also want to change the wires & plugs. Any certain parts recommended for this? .
  23. . What is a good tire height for a 16" swap on these cars? I want a little taller tire, but not so much that my poor 3AT is even more gutless. I'm thinking 205/50-R16 in an SUV type tread. Any suggestions? This 24" tall tire should clear everything right? I will be adding the 2" lift, but don't want too tall of tires, nor do I want to cut the body at all. I think the car would look good with tinted windows & gloss black wheels with the lighter body color. Here's a set on craigslist that have the look I'm after. 205/60-R15 would be a good size at 24.7" tall. Would also be cheaper priced tires over the 16's. Any opinions? .
  24. DT250a

    Wentz's Five Lug Swap/Build Thread.

    . Nice thread. Why did you chose the 5 x 100 over the 6-lug re-drill? .