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  1. ebarb

    Factory A/C

    I'll try to snap a picture tonight. I have the option, but have the belt off at the moment.
  2. yeah I've already retapped and put in a helicoil. My goal is to put studs in the others and have the exhaust flange turned. Which is why I was particularly interested in these since it seemed the flange can be rotated.
  3. yeah I've got studs in, but the dang things fused to the nut and so they all came out in one piece.
  4. Um.. so you're saying this isn't an exhaust kit, but instead is a carb rebuild kit? Did I miss something?
  5. I'll be curious what you're impressions are after you receive this. I need a new exhaust piece bad and having the ability for the fastener to be floating so I can use the other holes on the other bolt holes would be nice. Found out the hard way that removing all those spacers for the EGR and afterburner crap end up bringing my y pipe in so that it almost rubs on the frame and makes it hard to bolt down without stripping out the threads on the head.
  6. I got one of those too a few months ago when I got my clutch kit. Good to know it wasn’t something I needed.
  7. Assuming the hood cutout and carb addition are like the first step towards a MadMax style EA-81. When are you going to cut off the top and mount a giant spear gun into the back seat...or if this were a brat.
  8. I picked up a few pieces of pipe thread from Home Depot that I think I'll be able to help pull the hub assembly on while threading the castle nut to the axle. The outer seal sticks out just above the edge so I'll take it off while reinstalling the whole thing. I see quite a few videos/articles about removing axles with a slide hammer. Assuming it takes applying force in the opposite direction to pull it through? 1-1/2" Floor flange then after pulled on far enough I'll mate it to a 1-1/2x1-1/4 hex bushing. Cost 20$, but it may just get returned after I'm done. --update-- This ended up working great! If I had been able to get it started just a little bit further I could have used the outer wheel mounting assembly instead.
  9. Pounding performed thus far on performed on the cast metal and not applied directly to the bearing.
  10. Another 82 wagon, but difficulty at a different step; replacing both bearings and axle. When re-assembling after pounding for 30 minutes I was able to get the first bearing up over the first raised area on my new axle, but it knocked out the outer bearing and the lubrication ring that sits in between. Pound as I may I can't seem to make it move any further. What approach or tool am I missing that could easily help reseat this? In the manual they show a special cylinder tool that looks like it screws onto the axle nut to press it in. Basically I need some way to force the axle back through the bearing. Gloyale mentions above a slide hammer. Could someone describe that part of the reinstall process a bit more please? Or tell me what quick and easy method I'm missing? Thanks. Eli
  11. ebarb

    Lurking again...

    Really digging on that RX you have stored indoors.
  12. ebarb

    Just joined! 2.6.2018

    Welcome to the group, PICS!
  13. Old thread, but I measured tonight and can confirm GD's estimate of 16mm is spot on. Bel-metric carries some fairly cheap M16x1.5 plugs if you don't have access to a welder.