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  1. ebarb


    ^ sounds like the worse version of what I've had for a while in my 05 outback and know to be low compression in cyl 3.
  2. ebarb

    Third times the charm.

    this is a pretty rad ride man. Were my 81 a little less sunbaked I guess that's what my dash should look like
  3. Thank you for the offer @dfoyl, I think we may have a source for a bit longer. Appreciate your willingness to help out! eli - update - picked up the gaskets today from Safelite; $26.21. I've already got one reserved to go out next week and I've got one more available.
  4. Don't work through the online phone number, go through your local shop. Approximately ~25$ for seal order only from my local Safelite shop. They could only order three from the warehouse at a time, but asked for three.
  5. I'll check with the safelite shop, do you happen to have a p/n? 80-84~ coupe rear glass rubber?

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    2. ebarb


      Sounds like this glass comes attached the the rubber. They did say they have access to it at least.

    3. carfreak85


      Thanks for following up!

    4. ebarb


      Ok, similar deal on the rear glass for the 80-86 GL coupe. Comes with the glass, but they do have it in stock. 

  6. Yes Safelite in the USA. WCR417 is the alternative part number to OEM 765061000. wolfdog found these while hunting for a different gasket for his 2dr coupe. https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/70977-ea81-hardtop-2dr-coupe-weatherstriping . The wcr417 are the same one's that RockAuto used to stock when they were still available. I still have to stop by the local Safelite shop to see if I can get them to sell me a few. The guy I talked to when I called their national number said they wouldn't sell them wholesale anymore. However, I'm pretty sure I can work with one of the local techs or managers to work this out. Depending on cost per set I'll try to snag a few extras to have to pass along for cost+shipping to the community.
  7. Any Aussie members up for an assist here? My local shop has the glass, but my rubber is toast. I've checked with the dealer in town and he extended his search to the surrounding 4000 miles and can't find a dealer with one. I've tried a few online parts stores with the same results. There are a couple of ebay.au auctions, but of course they don't want to fiddle with international shipping. I'd be up for bidding on the auction, shipping to you then paying you to ship to me. @jono @dfoyl ? looked into P/N WCR-417 mfg by Precision prp.com, but it appears to be a dead end too. From talking with prp staff asking if they could make another run of these gaskets for statesiders; "We would have to re-tool because this tool is no longer viable. It’s been probably 5-10 years since used and the tool has been scrapped. How many would you be interested to buy at once? We’d probably need to see an order in the range of $5,000-$10,000 in order to make this pass feasibility." --update-- The prp guys went the extra mile and checked in with one of their customers to check their stock. "Safelite Auto Glass, and they have 85 in stock throughout the nation on WCR 417", except the guy on their hotline says they won't offer the part for wholesale. So I'll be driving by the local shop to see what they can do. Tempted to buy 10 of them and register as a vendor on Rock Auto.
  8. ebarb

    Factory A/C

    I'll try to snap a picture tonight. I have the option, but have the belt off at the moment.
  9. yeah I've already retapped and put in a helicoil. My goal is to put studs in the others and have the exhaust flange turned. Which is why I was particularly interested in these since it seemed the flange can be rotated.
  10. yeah I've got studs in, but the dang things fused to the nut and so they all came out in one piece.
  11. Um.. so you're saying this isn't an exhaust kit, but instead is a carb rebuild kit? Did I miss something?
  12. I'll be curious what you're impressions are after you receive this. I need a new exhaust piece bad and having the ability for the fastener to be floating so I can use the other holes on the other bolt holes would be nice. Found out the hard way that removing all those spacers for the EGR and afterburner crap end up bringing my y pipe in so that it almost rubs on the frame and makes it hard to bolt down without stripping out the threads on the head.
  13. I got one of those too a few months ago when I got my clutch kit. Good to know it wasn’t something I needed.
  14. Assuming the hood cutout and carb addition are like the first step towards a MadMax style EA-81. When are you going to cut off the top and mount a giant spear gun into the back seat...or if this were a brat.