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  1. 79 GL wagon for sale. This is in Leavenworth, WA. Was a daily driver and then developed possible rod knock. Probably needs engine rebuild. Will need towed before snow falls in the mountains. Recent rebuild on front calipers. New aftermarket front cv axles. New snow tires. Newer carb. Newer radiator. New oil pump. Missing front bumper after front end damage. Broken and missing bits. Rust as pictured. Comment if interested. Asking $1500 but will consider offers. Thanks. more pics https://www.dropbox.com/sh/thgkr68otqui9dw/AABumgL877PCBpAXEWjyq_2oa?dl=0
  2. After finding this thread, I replaced my PCV valve on my 2009 Impreza several months ago. I bought this car new and from early on I was getting excess oil consumption and the smell of oil while driving but could not find any sign of an oil leak. My old PCV was not oily and you could hear the movement inside the valve when you shook it. I replaced it anyway since it was out and I had the new one in hand. Since I replaced it, I no longer have the smell of oil while driving. I believe my oil consumption was reduced as well, but I still have to add oil between changes.
  3. Thanks, but I don't think I can get up there at this time. I haven't got a grill yet, but my local wrecker says they can get one. I guess I'll have to give them a try.
  4. It is going good. Just started putting things back together. Been a long project mostly due to time. I just did some rust abaitment work today and will hopefully actually start putting parts back in tomorrow. I think both my fans will survive the crash and run again. But I agree that it could run with just one. After the crash I drove it home with the both fans disconnected because they were suck in the radiator.
  5. Had a good day, yesterday. Finally pulled the radiator mount out pretty straight so, ready for some parts to see how close I got. Just sent some PM's to those offering parts. I'll post more pics in the dropbox link above of the progress Still don't know why I can't post pics direct. Thanks everyone! David
  6. Thanks everyone. Good to have some help. Let me know what you might want for parts and shipping or I can message you if that's better.
  7. OK. That seems to have worked. The third link will take you to a folder with pics of the damage and a couple pics to see the overall body style.
  8. Don't know why I can't post photos. Any ideas? I can't put photos or a hyperlink. I'll try pasting plain text links below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yido6sq9cbiy196/2013-08-23%2014.51.57%20%28Small%29.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/wzyfbr94zvg47ok/79%20Sub%20%28Small%29.bmp https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sytu6ua80q5q0ae/HzBhAok6-L
  9. Yes, Four round headlights. Is that how to tell Gen1 or 2. Can't find a thread that explains this. Need headlight and parking/turn signal assemblies for passenger side and radiator to start. Front bumper (chrome), Grille. Maybe some body parts.
  10. Thanks for all the replies! I'm such a noob on the forum, that somehow I missed all the replies until now. I'll answer your questions as best I can. I just got to the tear down today and hoping to be back up and running soon with your help. I'm not sure how to tell Gen1 from Gen2. Interested in knowing... It's a 21-EA71GC engine. 4WD. 4 Spd manual. 4 headlight, chrome bumpers. Has AC, which was not working. Will need new condensor too, or take out of service. Will need radiator, passenger side headlight (dual) assembly, and front passenger side turn signal assembly (two lights) at minimun to make it run and legal. Love this rig. Hate to see it sitting collecting dust. It's my daughter's daily driver, so the sooner the better! Thanks again.
  11. Oops. Looking for some parts and any advice too (of course). This is great little EA71 sub with brown paint (color 13) and racing stripes. Radiator Front Bumper Right front fender Hood Right headlight assembly Grill Possibly both fans. One electric one mounted on engine. (Or just the blade assembly?) Got squashed a little against radiator. May work, but need to tear down first to see. I'm not sure about the front end top cross member which is bent in on the Right (pass side). Thats what pushed in the radiator. Can that be replaced or just pulled back out? Thanks... David