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  1. muddblood

    1st gen Legacy sedan in near mint condition

    ok, wrong may have been the wrong word to use...the hard way? IDK...he said he was kind of tired of tuning and wanted to try something different and the EG33 is the direction he went.
  2. muddblood

    1st gen Legacy sedan in near mint condition

    Ahhh...Live and learn. Thanks!!! So what you're REALLY saying is this guy I bought MY tranny from is doing it wrong!!! Oh well, it'll still be cool to see a 3.3L Impreza!
  3. I am VERY new to Subaru performance and upgrades so please forgive me for asking questions I am sure have been asked billion times. I keep seeing posts and articles saying this block, these heads for building power on a ej22 (NA). I would like to know what the easiest and best block combo would be. I've heard on other forums that ANY ej25 will fail head gasktes every 100k miles or sooner, and I keep hearing ej25 heads on ej22 block, and then throw in the difference between ej22E and ej22t, and then dual port and single port heads...it's just all so confusing. My car needs more power, cut and dry. It is an 93 Legacy with a SOHC ej22 (NA) and produces a published 130hp at the crank. My first thought was to just drop in an ej25 to gain a quick 30hp (160hp), but the ej25's are VERY prone to head gasket failures...I need reliabiliy. I don't NEED 200+ hp (althught it would be nice), just 30-40 hp (for now). I read intake and exhaust would help, but by how much? And in the past, I worked at a Subaru dealer and was told by the lead mechanic that a wet air filter, like the K&N is NOT a good idea as the oil will kill the MAF. ANY thoughts on bolt-on's to get 30-40 more horses would be extremely welcome!!!! It is my daily driver so it cannot be down for more than a weekend or so. And the reaosn for the needed hp is the car struggles badly going up the mountain passes here in Colorado...like down to semi speed. I need more power to get up them...or a tune or something.
  4. muddblood

    1st gen Legacy sedan in near mint condition

    I bought a transmisison from a guy that is putting an SVX 3.3l flat 6 in a a 1st gen Impreza and he said he is using a raditor from a Saab that fit right between the upper and lower core supports, thus providing enough room for the 3.3. He has to fab up some sort of reservoir fill, which I think he said would also come from a Saab. Seems there are people doing this swap more and more.
  5. muddblood


    Sorry, new to this forum and newish to Subie's as an owner. I read some of the posts here syaing the 2.5 engines are junk, but I need more power out of my 2.2l legacy for all these mountain passes in CO. So I stumbled on this frankenmotor thread and I have questions relating to frankenmotors. 1) Which is better: 22 block and 25 heads, or 25 block and 22 heads. Better meaning yeilding the most power but more importantly, the most reliable (as far as head gasket failures). 2) I kind of like the idea of the 2.3l stroker (25 block, 22 crank, STI pistions, ect)...how reliable is that? For every day driving? I'd LOVE to get 175 hp into my little wagon but I also need it to be very reliable as it is my dailey driver. 3) I am also considering a turbo on my 2.2. How would that compare in power, cost and ease of modification to building a frankenmotor. I can get a motor (ANY motor in their yard) from pull and pay for $200 ($250 with tax and crap). The 22 in my legacy has somewhere around 170k miles and runs like a champ, but it desperately needs more power, especially at altitudes over like 6,000', which is not that hard to do here in Colorado. Honestly, I'd like nothing more than to throw the 3.3 (around 250k miles) out of my SVX into it, but I am not sure what I am doing with the SVX just yet (tranny went out, replacement tranny has no 2nd gear). The legacy is my dailey driver so any mods would have to be fairly easy and quick, say a weekend or so.