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  1. Dinky26

    ECS Light

    Like I had noted in the original post, it is a 1986 Brat, it’s okay sometimes we all read over stuff. It’s just weird that it came on last night on his way home. It’s also from CA originally. It also has a Weber carburetor on it too.
  2. I’m no longer driving the car due to my having a stroke, my brother is driving it to work now. So this problem is kinda second hand. What is the ECS Light connected to or monitoring? On a 1986 Brat.
  3. Dinky26


    It’s certainly a hard balance of everything. He was on here a lot before I know.
  4. Dinky26


    I'm wondering if anyone has heard from Loyale2.7Turbo? I see on his profile he hasn't been on since 12/26/17.
  5. I've actually got a 1st gen cowl. I'm not in need of one.
  6. There are tie down loops in the back. I put a rope between each side then tie his leash in the middle. My Australian shepherd dearly loved to ride back there. I don’t really drive anymore because of my stroke :(
  7. Did moosens get you hooked up?
  8. I totally forgot about the Factory Service Manual since my stroke, my memory is fairly good except for some things are just gone. I was close to not being on this planet anymore, so I’m thankful I’m still here. Some of my reasonable thinking is gone to. Goes to show one how important everything is.
  9. I've done lots of searching for something to tell me what wires go where. I took these wires off so long ago pre stroke & now I'm not sure of some of them.
  10. Amazon has an array of different stuff but this glue as well.
  11. Ace hardware, not the big box stores or Amazon.
  12. I've used Duco Cement Multi-Purpose Household Glue on badges without problem. I would think it should work for that fine.
  13. Had a friend replace the compressor and recharge the AC on the Tribeca.