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  1. There should also be a brown relay with 6 wires, this is the main ignition/ power to ecu, injectors and coils
  2. ausubaru92

    Calling Gannon

    Yep thats exactly what I did (machine some of the teeth out of the centre of the gear) Didnt consider swapping the selectors. I left the input shaft out like that but thats as far as I got Jono, its hard to explain without seeing the wires you have at each switch (I assume it was an existing 2 way switch)
  3. How different is the EJ centre diff? Why not upgrade and add an EJ rear housing and you gain the viscous LSD centre
  4. ausubaru92

    Calling Gannon

    Here I am,... but Im pretty green when it comes to playing with transmissions. Ive swapped the EJ stuff into my EA case, half assembled it waiting for a paint pen to check the backlash. I then have to pull it apart, seal the halves and put it back together properly I didnt pull the selectors out One problem I did run into was that the input shaft bearing housings are different, so I had to machine a few mm of the splines of the EA input shaft so I could assemble the EJ dual range gears onto it.
  5. Was going to run a Wolf until tonight, starting to think Speeduino might be a better choice. Will still be sticking with the "plugin to the WRX loom" theme though
  6. ausubaru92

    Help an Aussie out with an SPFI conversion

    What about something like Megasquirt, Speedunio or something similar controlling either the SPFI throttle injector or get someone to machine a pair of injector bosses into the ends of the carby manifold just before the heads. They use off the shelf sensors for IAT, coolant and absolute pressure (no air flow meter) and you could even use the carby distributor as the crank angle sensor (as injection wont need to be sequential)
  7. ausubaru92

    Bump stop helper replacement

    I think there is a nut to undo from the top, somewhere under the rear seat
  8. ausubaru92

    EA82 DR 5MT ratios ??

    I have a part time 5sp and an ej box in pieces on my shed floor. will see if i can get photos tomorrow
  9. Back to the EA82T for a couple of reasons.... 1. Club rego with original engine 2. I wanted to do something different, I have a few things to try on the old EA. 3. I'll probably crash or loose my license with an EJ20 Im running my EA82T on the EJ20G loom via a EJ20G plug in Wolf3d (which I'll configure to run an EA82T) so if I ever need to go back to an EJ, I just pull the engine and drop in another EJ20G and plug in a standard WRX ecu and drive it
  10. My silver RX turbo. Gone back to EA82T, wolf3d ecu, distributor delete (wasted spark coil pack) and an intercooler of some sort. Ive also swapped some bits between gearboxes to run EJ dual range gearset with viscous centre diff in the EA casing Once I get it driving I will do a better flowing up-pipe, TD04 and cam regrind to make it a bit more rev happy
  11. No he is going to sell me the spinder,.... arent you Jono. AUSubaru was working yesterday but down today.
  12. ausubaru92

    Help an Aussie out with an SPFI conversion

    Can you find ecu plugs off another car that has has the same type pins and nick the pins out of it? Vehicle speed sensor can be done with a magnetic hall sensor and a magnet glued to the tailshaft
  13. ausubaru92

    EA82 DR 5MT ratios ??

    Would need to know the number of teeth on the gears they mesh with to work it out
  14. Looking good Jono, shame to waste a good spider manifold though You havent been on AUSubaru for a while Gannon