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  1. I think you could be right, there is a road being re-sealed round the corner so a stone could well have got caught... I should have thought of that!!
  2. My 2000 Legacy has recently developed this high pitch squeal. It only happens when moving so I guess it's not a belt and doesn't happen in reverse. Also only happens between about 0-35 km/h and goes away after a few hundred metres. I've recorded what it sounds like from inside the car and posted it in the youtube clip below. (pictures are just me messing round when I first bought my Legacy) Anyone have an idea what might be causing this? Cheers!
  3. In the end I ended up unbolting the column which worked fine. Thanks for your help!
  4. When I got the car back it had a badly installed older version Impreza ignition in it (SK-55). The wires on the top of the barrel had been cut off it too.
  5. I've been starting my '00 Legacy with just the ignition switch for the last few days after having it stolen and I'm just about to put in a new ignition. I'm a bit confused as to what the wires coming from the ignition barrel itself are for and where they plug in. Is one the steering lock maybe? Can someone help me out? Cheers!
  6. I've taken the screws out, it's just the two long plastic poles that are blocking is from coming out. The steering wheel column didn't seem to want to go down enough to get it out either. Hmmm
  7. Can someone tell me if there is an easy to remove and replace the ignition surround? Thieves replaced my ignition and broke the surround. I've ordered the new parts but cant seem to get the old top surround off due to some long plastic screw attachments (see photo). I've used the steering wheel release but there still isn't enough room to pull it out. I could cut them off but then I imagine I'll have the same trouble getting the new one on. Hmmmm. Thanks for any help!
  8. Hi, I have to replace the ignition on my BE legacy after having it stolen and I'm wondering if there is any differences between the manual and auto's ignition? I've seen some advertised as being for an automatic but I was assuming they are all the same? Cheers!