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  1. 88wacaroo

    Age Old Question

    I"m with Rust and Others on the program of the Old Gens Being The SHIZZNIT....We all know they are underpowered {Not Gutless Though } You can Relentlessly beat them and they don"t Die {Unless They Don"t Have Oil!!} Insure.& Tags Are Cheap, On Top Of Being Super EASY And CHEAP To FIX {$13.For A Oil Pump Kit-EA81s Lovin It} And Character & Class!! I was Downtown at a stoplight and I saw a New Mitzu. And A New Subie..Both the same color Silver and the only Way I told them Apart was the Badges-They were lookin at Zumie {EA81 Hatchie} and I sorta felt sorry for those guys cars-Looked the same Oh well...I Don"t have a Car Payment Peace
  2. I"m With Gloyale on this stuff of trying to help Fix stuff...On Ea-82s When they die like that IT"s Mandatory to check The Drive side Time Belt 1st-Always!! I"ve Seen So Many Guys on Here With the Same Problem Time And Time Again And The 1st Thing they do is Tear Apart the Electrical Aspect of it instead of Taking 5 Minutes to check the Timing Belt 1st!! It Takes More than 10 Minutes to do The Electrical Part of Checking it anyways....I think most of why people dont check the Time Belt is they think it"s a Major Pain in the A** To Do Or They Don"t Want to Get Dirty HaHa... I just think Looking at the Belt would be 1st Way Before anything else....Look at Other Cars-When they Die Thats the 1st thing Shops/People look at is the Time Belt...Oh Well Just My $0.2s worth.....Peace
  3. Well, I"ve been off the New Car GiG Since the 80s So I"m Not Surprised that People are finally Beginning to Figure this Program Out...I Was a Fact. Ford Tech. For 3"1/2 Yrs. Back in the late 80s { Drove A Subie Then Too } And I Didnt Like All the New Junk Coming Out Back then Either!! The Guy on UTube Says it all about Dealers-It"s Warranty Work...No more Repair Work $$ Because the Factory wants All The $$$ !!! Why do you think the Factory Offers The 10Yr. 100K. Warranty on new Cars...It"s so they don"t have to Pay the Techs the proper amount of $$ to fix it-25.Hr. Warranty work is $6-8Hr. Hence the Kick A*s Warranties they Offer-Joke!! Look at the New Subies Now- Theyre Getting on the Recall Wgn. Now Along with Everybody Else...Sorry, I Have No Faith In The Factorys Anymore....
  4. 88wacaroo

    bonvos winter warrior

    YO!, Thats pretty Cool you and your Dad did the Motor...Your lucky to have your Dad help and show you how to do stuff...My dad used to restore JAGs,MGs,Austin Healeys-all the Limey Cars and Bikes,and Dodges,So I"ve been doing this stuff since I was 7Yrs Old...It"s becoming a lost art Fixing stuff, all it"s about nowadays is Remove/Replace, No one knows how to Fix stuff anymore-It"s Sad... I Dig the Part of the Video and the Music When your Dad was putting in the Frt. Crank Seal With the Hammer...It Matched up Killer !! I wish I had another Old Wgn. like that again{ I call them The OLD BAST*RDS} Good Cars!! 1 thing I"m trying to figure out is Why you Big guys Like these Cars so much..I have friends your size that drive them and they complain about being cramped but they won"t Quit driving em!! They Like them too Much Snowin Like Hell Right Now-7" I hope we get 20-24" So I can Have Some Fun Well have fun!! Good Job To You an Your Dad!! Oh Nice Dats.!
  5. Nice....I see the reason for the Air Dam now...Are You going to do the Little Brat like the Big One-Orange Wheels and all?There"s a small wheel place here and they have spoke wheels that might work on the little 1...{All they do is little wheels and tires}...I think it"s pretty cool...I bet you get all sort of thumbs up Eh?
  6. Yep,I"m gonna have to get a couple...My Friends already think I"m Twisted about Subies as it is Sooo May as well Confirm It With Toy Subies!! Hell I already have Car and Motorcycle Ones!! Hey, O.C.D. , Some things take Priority Eh? You can always get a New Shift Knob But a New Brat!!
  7. 88wacaroo

    Super Fast Subaru 360

    I want a 360 so I can put a 3Cyl. 1000cc 2Stroke Sled motor in it Now That Would Be FAST!! Plus It would BE Competition for WRXs ....Put a Shot of NOS to it Yea Buddy and all under the Hood Can You Say Sleeper.....Of course it"s only good in a straight line...But imagine the look on peoples faces after a couple of runs
  8. The Craigs Post is gone so No Pics [Damn!!] I Dig the door cards too!! It showed they had some Class back then!!
  9. 88wacaroo

    She wouldn't start....until....

    The Original EA-81 Batt. cables were Aluminum So they have issues...Whenever I have the click issue it usually is right at the cable and clamp
  10. 88wacaroo

    Tie rod end. Damage during removal

    I"d leave the nut on just about 4 threads just in case you miss that way you don"t screw up the threads!! I can"t believe you can"t get it off with a Fork-You Need A Bigger F*%&N Hammer
  11. 88wacaroo

    1988 Justy Advice

    Justy"s are the Oddball of Subies Realm-It"s a 3Cyl. Horizontal Mtr....The Worst Thing For these Mtrs is Oil Changes-90% of these I"ve seen in the JYd Have bad Mtrs. Rod knocks from No Oil changes or been run low on oil....Other 10% are wrecked.They don"t have HG issues, I don"t see them with much over 100k.....They are very far an few between here anymore they"ve ended up in JYd here....Good Luck.
  12. Does the wheel shimmy when hitting the brakes?-Warped Rotors.......Clunk-Have you checked the Sway Bar Links,they"ll start getting loose and make noise. If you need to replace them get the moog ones- they have grease fittings...
  13. 88wacaroo

    Proud new owner of a Weber

    I should"ve mentioned the return line....thats the way I do mine....The Runon issue is probably a little rich and timing a little off But without a return line it"s getting a little extra gas which could cause it also...
  14. Hey, TurboSub, I"ve been following Your {FREE WGN} since You got It...I saw the post for the car when He was trying to sell it for$200bucks and then offered it for free just to get rid of it-You got it...So if it was the Turbo Mtr.which it looked like in the Pics he posted it shoud"ve been A Hydro Mtr.Being a Automatic... You can tell the diff. by the pushrods-Hydro PushRods-All Steel.....Solid lifter PushRods-Alum.W/Steel Caps....And Silvers right about LockTabs being on Hydro"s since your not supposed to mess with them....Can"t go by the valve cover stickers since they fall off from heat and age And Car Washings -Nobody does that though
  15. I HAD The Exhaust gasket ISSUE An Found these by accident!! Auto zone has them-Part # is F12284 Little # under that is MS91075 They come in a Victor Reinz Package but Sticker says MAHLE AND THEY Are Made In JAPAN- They Are BASICALLY The Original Gaskets-METAL On The Outside W/Material in Between..Around $5 Bucks apiece Better than $29. a Piece Bucks at the Dealer