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  1. Hey USMB The Car: 1983 MPFI Turbo Brat - 170,000 miles 2" body lift 5-sp D/R Transmission Swap (originally 3-sp auto) Water Cooled EA82 Turbo Swap (originally oil cooled) EA81T The Problem: I am having issues with the brat running rich, with a lot of fuel in the mixture. I have replaced temperature sensors, air flow sensors, the O2 sensor and i am still running into the same issues. as a result, my fuel mileage is around 19 MPG, and i have a strong hydrogen sulfide smell (almost an ammonia smell) coming from the exhaust, especially when i spool up the turbo and bring the RPM's up into the ~3000 rpm range. My concern: The engine was designed specifically for the Oil-Cooled turbo in 1983 (in '84, they were recalled and replaced with water cooled versions), I have a suspicion, because i am running out of options, that the computer for the MPFI was not designed for this specific turbo. As a result, it has mismanaging its fuel-to-air ratio; causing it to dump more fuel in than is necessary because of the extra amount of air volume it is sensing, then calculating. Does this prognosis seem in any way logical to more knowledgable USMB members?
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    Subaru Brat Parts

    Autohausaz.com is another good resource. i've used them on multiple to occassions to find parts for my 1984 Turbo Brat.
  3. thank you for the confirmation those are the axles i have
  4. i have a 1984 ea81 Brat with a 5 speed D/R transmission swap (removal of 4speed auto). the CV axles are going out which axles should i purchases? EA81 or EA82? The Subframe is original EA81, but the transmission is EA82.
  5. so there is supposed to be a small amount of slop on the stub-shafts from the front differential? there is a different securing method used in the front diff and the rear diff to hold these stubs in? anyone confirm these?
  6. From what i can tell, the adjustment on the outer side of the bearing does not look like it has moved (there is a registration marker which appears to be unchanged). what can be done to fix an issue with this bearing? can it be accessed from the outer-side of the bearing (where there is adjustment)? or is it only accessible by cracking the transmission? i would like to hear more information about these bearings and their failure rate.
  7. The output shafts on my transmission have 23 splines. the CV axles purchased are also 23 splines. could there be a differing diameter within the "23 spline" category? although, i don't think this would be my issue, they fit nice and snug on both side. This car was originally a 4-speed auto, which came with the turbo. this was swapped out with the 5-speed D/R. I have come to the conclusion that the axles purchased are the correct size and the roll pins have no unusual wear. i am more concerned with the output stub shafts on the transmission. i am able to move both side with just my fingers, a small amount of side-to-side movement.
  8. The Car: 1984 Subaru Brat EA81 Turbo - 5 speed D/R swap (3" body lift, increased tire size) ........................................................................... The issue: 1984 5-speed D/R Transmission has a small amount of play (side to side, up down movement) on both of the front splined-stubbed output shafts. on both (passenger and driver) sides of the Transmission. there is a noticable difference between the amount of lateral movement experienced in the front stub shafts (transmission) and the rear stub shafts (rear-differential). ...... i recently put in both new (not remanufactured) front CV-axle shafts, from O'reillys. (yes ive read all of your posts' about the low quality since acquisition). the axles went 200 miles and developed a significant amount of slop; to the point where i do not feel comfortable driving it. the inner CV axles (inner boot) on both front shafts are now quite sloppy. I popped out the pin and removed the Half shafts from the transmission splines (stub shaft) and found them to have some lateral (side to side) movement. I then compared this to a spare rear-differential i had in the shop and found the the transmission to have a noticable amount more slop than the rear-differential. ........................................................................... The Question: what is the correlation between the amount of slop on the stub shafts and its effect on the CV axles? vice versa? is it possible (or necessary) to tighten the stub shaft and remove the play? does an incorrect alignment increase the failure rate of CV axles? How can i get more life out of my half shafts? any other question and useful information on this topic?