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  1. We always check timing when changing anything with timing, it's just the right thing to do..Distributor timing will affect idle speed for sure too advanced it will idle higher too retarded it will idle lower. And as well the way i see it...sometimes even with a timing light we may not make the mark to factory specifications due to carbon build up on valves and piston heads and which in turn decreases the combustion chamber size i.e after I did my head gaskets I didn't get all the carbon off because I was in a pinch and there was alot so by setting to factory for a starting point I'm pinging because I'm firing early at factory settings because the the size has become smaller so I need to compensate by retarding at the distributor... and it becomes a drivability issue of watching temp, power and listening for pinging.... some pinging is normal but constant is not. I'm with Dave.. I had a idler pulley die, never noticed the whistle or whine but over period of 3-4 days it started screaming i thought it was the water pump bearing but nope same area though it's the one that is hard to get to below the alternator...
  2. I am a little bit... but not so much. Since the head gasket job a couple yrs back. And replacing the stock rad with a supposedly new CSF RAD and factory Oem thermostat. Think I need to dial back the timing a smidge to stop the pinging. Get close to the red zone but it always drops back on the other side after climbing longass hills.. here is a complaint I left for CSF them on Facebook that I never got a reply lol! https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1003055443105370&id=100002027723629&set=o.129092457127268&_rdr
  3. I would re check the timing at the belts again... all should be good if ya do it by the book...
  4. Len Dawg

    therapy time....

    Yeaup something juuust like that! ha ha ha!
  5. Len Dawg

    Front 4WD Strut

    I'm running into the same problem, I seen some on a 93 wagon at the wrecking yard. They looked fairly new i.e no road dirt,grime,splooge.. Napa nope, orileys nope, autozone nope they got tops but that's all ...every thread always ends up Topic of the REAR!! Even though it titles as frrrrooont!! Lol! Why? Why? Wwhhyyyyyyy? No definitive answer. ..for front
  6. Len Dawg

    Minor mystery

    My ea82 seems to have always done something like that.. 3,000rpm 5th gear. Never a need to floor it ESPACIALLY going up hill.. always at 1/2 throttle lessen it up a smidge and it gets a stronger pull. I've checked anything with intake system connections no cracks no nothing... never ever even taken the throttle bore apart or off the intake.. been this way to over 10yrs.. Not really trting to jack your thread man.. but I'm feeling the way you do lol!
  7. Len Dawg

    Brake shimmy after wheel change

    I would be checking out the front lower ball joints...
  8. Len Dawg

    handy gearbox seal #'s

    Good to know
  9. Well... I'm here to close my thread I'd suppose. I replaced both half shafts and drivers side wheel bearing still have a slight shimmy accompanied by a minor shake. But no more woo woo woo woo's, ****General Disorder is spot on with the bearing the inide one was showing signs of becoming burnt and blackened.**** The stub is a all good and right as discribed nice and tight. No leaking from the seal either. Figure the suspension struts and shocks whatever ya wanna call it should be next as I get popping always had popping noises at the top of tower when I accelerate and brake and I'm pretty dammed sure these ones are original to the car that is at 299,665.5 miles So I be back again to update on that..
  10. You guys are top notch... Sure hope it's not differential bearings General Disorder!! Then again.. it's got 299,028 mi I'll be taking it apart next week and put in new bearings and seals. Pretty safe bet to re-use the cone since it's only been compressed 2x. Drove again last night.. and crossed some new pavement at 25mph and put it into neutral and coasted as long as I could with traffic being involved and can almost feel a choppy sensation as well the woo woo woo starting to fade right front passenger.. but when doing so it's almost a woo,wOo,woo,wOo,woO,wOo..like KISS and Iron Maiden got together for a jam session. I've been watching that splined stub for years, and when I'm in the wrecking yard I'm doing the touchy feely on other victims to compare they appear relatively the same. I don't mess with it a lot but maybe a couple times every other year. I don't want the magical mishap to happen and it falls out! Because then i really dont know whats I'm doing..Lol!
  11. The shimmy and shake story has now evolved into the woo woo woo's.. and this all starts before the ball joint issue came about and after... Couple things first, I've had this car for about 11yrs started at 151,000 miles and now 900 miles away from joining the 300,000 mile club!!! Whoo!! Hoo!! I never replaced shocks struts, steering rack -kinda looks like it's leaking- and lost a lot of fluid from the resivor which it NEVER had before till the whole shimmy and shaking episode all began. But now seems to be steadily full again... weird... but I have done bearings, CV joints engine cylinder head gaskets, radiator, timing belts water pump tie rod end cheapo got a very slight pull to the left etc... oh yeah and those leaky hoses!! It's this one that is tripping me up, diagnosing the woo,woo,woo's..... of today on the Dawgmobile. Visual inspection appears normal.. tire pressure, ride height/rake, bearings seems smooth and tight, the usual positive camber angle...made sure to scrubb inside of rim of debris around hub location, wheel weights eVeRyThInG seems normal nothing loose kinda sorta, I gots a couple questions at the end. Normal operation 0-25mph'ish, no wobbly wheels,no lurching brakes, easy rolls in neutral, a slight clicking when turning midly left then comes the woo woo woo's with a light steering wheel shaking, more notably begins at approximately 25-30mph on up 50 million miles an hour!! Hwy speeds around corners left and right carries and even woooo.. In gear out of gear any gear, 4wd engaged disengaged, brakes applied unapplided, haven't tried reverse don't think it will get to 25mph don't think that's a great idea anyway lol. Here's how we got to the woo,woo,woo and it's definitely not the usual r-ree r-ree r-ree bearing noise!! ××××××××××÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷×××××××× Shimmy and shake Turkey neck affect ... Oct,3 2017 Inspection of various components ok.. Front Brakes pretty beat up.. Replaced front rotor and pads> SOLVED ×××××××××××÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷××××××× Feb, 13 2018 R-ree R-ree R-ree Driver side front rotated rim 1 lug location >Solved? Crazy but it worked! Lol! Inspection of various components ok... brakes were only done just because of good measure.. Replaced rear drums and shoes> then it snowed ×××××××××÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷××××××××××× Feb 28th 2018 Shimmy and shake Turkey neck affect again... Replaced broken lower Front passenger Ball joint> SOLVED ××××××××÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷×××××××× Mar, 15th-20th 2018 THEN the slow approach of the agonizing woo woo woo's as the sound of rain no longer pellets my tin roof... Put it up and in gear to check rotation of tires.. possible bent rim, one had tire worn badly inside probably from broken ball joint... Figured maybe i screwed something up in the drums I splooge the outside bearings x4> woo woo woo Replaced tire with spare full-size tire> woo woo woo ×××××××÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷×××××××× May, 10th 2018 Inspected other 3 tires and some were not severe but closer inspection appeared out of round... Replaced other 3 tires> woo woo woo ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? So... The new.. Front rotors/pads and cone Rear drums/shoes and cone Ball joint 4 New Tires So... The old.. CV Joint axle- whatever ya wanna call it Bearings Rims -not jackman but Subaru wheels whatever they are they fit over my calipers unlike my other rims with winter tires that do not now after front brake component replacment ;/ argh >Jackman?? Shocks/Struts whatever ya wanna call it Busings anywhere and everywhere ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? So I did notice when I pulled the new rotors off to splooge some grease in the outer bearings careful not to get dirt in there when i did the front rotor/pads the first time- I was borrowing someone's driveway and had to hurry- I took off the passenger side the washer impression was not CONCENTRIC to the center of the NEW cone? Don't think that much of a problem.. never seen it before though?? And where the axle meets the output shaft from the transmission not the axle but the stub appears loose and has always been loose as you can grab it and move it around? It don't leak that's a good thing thank Gaudd! but always wondered about how loose is loose? Always had a popping sound from the passenger side.. sounds like the strut tower body frame in front of the door I think it's the half shaft and new struts would do some good, but over all what a weird episode.. then again... perhaps the New Ball Joint should be subjective to question because as in my other post as I had a ball joint question it did fit smoothly in the spindle housing but gave no effort of cinching it's self into the lower arm.. It just dropped right in all the way to the shoulder of where the rubber attaches to the balljoint... and i mean on the very very light side of being too big... and the woo,woo,woo's WERE NEVER present even with warped rotors,out of round tires or before the balljoint broke ....Goodtimes The Dawgmobile of Portland, Oregon
  12. Len Dawg

    Opening DIY garage...need some feedback

    Just stopped by one here in Portland, Oregon... not too shabby guys been in business for a couple yrs now. Gots everything ya need. 5 star reviews. https://m.facebook.com/oregongearheadgarage/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1852197501701579&ref=page_internal&_rdr If ya haven't already done research what tools ya need layed out it may take a few extra. I.E. doing your wheel bearing axles?? pre-pack your bearings, preset torque wrenches 3 pcs. 1 balljoint castle nut, 2 Axle nut, 3 lug nut ???? could do the job even faster with a friend ????
  13. Len Dawg


    One time I parked and 2 hrs later went to start and I was flat dead.. turned out to be the wire that connects to the starter slid off the tab, it was truly amazing to had found my problem with in 15 mins. I wish the same to you ???? To me ... it looks like all those things that work have a ground attached separately with the ignition turned off.. so part of the system is charged... alternator? Starter?
  14. After all that hard work, to get a picture to up load that's the answer you get!?!! Lol ! ????????