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  1. If it turns over but no spark at plug I would check the make sure the rotor is not stuck, i.e. screw fell out. If it does not turn over lights, camera nothing I would check the small wire going to starter as well the alternator of all things might be shot or not connected. Those are the 2 things electrical I had a problem with.. Aside from failing to connect the MAF where it would temporarily start but die. Where as Dave suggested ign to on position STOP before starting you should hear towards the back a hmmm.. then a click from under the hood that your fuel pump pressurized when the fuel filter has filled up. Congratulations to 300,000 mile club!! 1993 Loyale 4wd 5spd 311,183mi
  2. Yep did it myself it was hard to pin point exactly where it was considering I listened via screw driver on every component.. whereas I mention in detail earlier in the thread. I'll post to Facebook have a listen https://m.facebook.com/groups/438010226261479?view=permalink&id=2347500618645754
  3. Alrighty then... So I think I figured it out...kinda sorta in a round about way.. it's been gone for while now... I couldn't leave everybody in suspense. I checked all and repaired all vacuum connections including the pcv... I was beginning to think it's the a/c unit leaking at the Schrader valves which they are but of all things... I changed the idler belt which was a gator type and it was still there.. then I stretched wwwaaay out there and changed the oil filter and it got quieter and eventually went away... thank Gaudd!! What I really think it was is the box store gave me the wrong belt and it began wearing a tooth/groove in the pulleys ... and even though I put on the old factory belt it was still whining until it broke it's self back in. I got a new v belt and all has returned to normal. Live and learn V belt is what is really needed... Yeeeay!!
  4. Gots ta buy new cone washers, they are soft metal so once you tighten the washer hump side out towards the castle nut it digs onto the cone. No matter what, after you reached torqe spec keep going until you can slot the pin. If you back it off ya basically killed the cone. And now would be a good time to scope out those lower ball joints... You might get away with re-using it once but after that ya need a new one. I've been down this road too many times. The one's at the wrecking yard are no good. If your talking about the rears that's a whole diffrent story, I got lucky and just pulled the whole assembly including trailing arm and the next time I splooge grease and re-sealed it. I'm sure other sub-addict's will be along shortly..
  5. Len Dawg

    FOUND! 1992 Loyale. OAKLAND Ca

    Yep headed to orileys later to pick up a club,just because I've read 3 stolen over the past year... I'm done hearing of this He it returns..
  6. I am on the upper marker light but no so much the bottom turn signal I would suppose trying your idea would be an option... other than eBay might just have to be your last resort.
  7. Len Dawg

    Gas/Fume Smell

    Perhaps the hose came off the charcoal canister.... in other words bowl vents fumes
  8. Len Dawg

    Air bubbles in radiator

    Yeah if anything nothing should be coming out those holes now we know which ones they are... I was thinking it was the elbow... I'd would suspect if it's coming out there the head is cracked/warped I spotted a light up the hole on the backside and seen that only it goes in and would bottom out. Could be deteriorated. If you can getaway with patching the leak then put those bolts back in you very well could get away with it until you find another head or another decent motor..And that man if it works you got into the Top10 at 3 for the best Subaru MacGyver of all time!! That could very well be where air is getting sucked back in when it cools down. Keep us posted
  9. Len Dawg

    Air bubbles in radiator

    Definetly do not add anything other than coolant, I would say because you plugged the holes with the bolts you are not getting complete circulation, I would be curious to know what exactly are they? And if you only changed the driver side head gasket why not the passenger side? My head gasket blew out on that side and was pushing exhaust gasses into the cooling system. Just cruising across town will allow exhaust gasses into the system with out showing much of a temperature change because it can purge off into resivor. Get on the highway with sustained 3,000 rpm if ya got a 5spd and you will see the temperature begin to rise. That would definetly indicate a blown head gasket. And/or just maybe maaaybe you still have air bubbles if ya didn't jack the front up w aaay higher than the heater core while running the heat and giving if a couple grand for about 10 mins at the least...
  10. I definitely notice the difference at speed on the highway it acts like it has a glitch like hesitation and it only gets worse the long I delay in replacing it... after being annoyed long enough I install replacement cel turns off and it smooth sailing
  11. Len Dawg

    My 89 GL got hit

    Mallet, sandpaper,bondo,= YouTube is your friend
  12. Len Dawg

    4wd fuse blowing

    Perhaps it in the lighting wire if they truly are tied together with the 4wd.. I had a wire get shaved in the shifter boot at the chassis on my 93 Loyale 4wd Wgn Goodtimes!
  13. I would use it... but would have gone with factory head gaskets & intake. Here's my experience as I aligned to compare old with new there is a tab that wraps around where the fel-pro failed and allowed exhaust to escape into the cooling system. Keeps us posted on how goes some of us like to help