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  1. You might be able to get a more timely response on subaruforester.org.
  2. Haight


    Oh man haha! I have made a few too many mistakes like that. Always in a hurry. Where does it sit now?
  3. Haight

    'Forrest' 2013 Off-Road XT Forester

  4. Haight

    Subaru XV - Ute ...

    I had just taken a look through those links the moment before I posed the question. Nice work.
  5. Haight

    insperation moves me brightly

  6. Haight

    Subaru XV - Ute ...

    May I ask what your career is?
  7. Haight

    insperation moves me brightly

    Haha wow...he meant, could you please use a period and/or a comma every once in a while?
  8. Haight

    87 GL Wagon (picture heavy)

    Pm sent
  9. Haight

    87 GL Wagon (picture heavy)

    I'm ready for that weber anytime now =p.
  10. Haight

    87 GL Wagon (picture heavy)

    If the price is right I call dibs on the weber if you decide to sell separately.
  11. Looks like that's my only option if I want to get rid of this horrible ringing. I cut the cat out today so that the exhaust would drown it out.
  12. I couldn't find a grease point damnit...still ringing like crazy. Wtf do I do?
  13. No worries haha. Here are those pics Gloyale. Let me know if you need more specific pics.