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  1. nick1208

    My RX v2

    sometimes mine got stuck in low you can try putting it in neutral and rolling it backwards on flat ground then trying to pull it into HI. that's worked for me
  2. nick1208

    My Little Rally Wagon

    Post up a picture, i know it's pretty sweet
  3. nick1208

    Nick's 1987 RX

    Thanks! I saw the pics of it being rallied and thought it deserved to be treated a lil' bit better than that
  4. nick1208

    Nick's 1987 RX

    No real updates to post, other than its running good! lots of fun to drive. Got a WRX intercooler i plan on adding once i can get the piping worked out.
  5. nick1208

    Overheating EA82T

    Found it, if others are wondering http://parts.subaru.com/p/Subaru__/Genuine-Subaru-HOSE-COMPLETE-TURBOCHARER/49226900/14448AA002.html
  6. nick1208

    Overheating EA82T

    Jono, Do you have the part number for this hose? Looking to order a replacement.
  7. nick1208

    Subaru Leone GLF aka FakeAE86

    I think because it's a RWD hatchy. I would love to see more pics as well
  8. nick1208

    Nick's 1987 RX

    Galen, the oil pressure sender is poop I'm pretty sure. I know lots of people with the same issue.
  9. nick1208

    Nick's 1987 RX

    Yeah it has the 55B VIN so it's not an RX. I thought it was when i initially made the post. VIN says its a GL 3 door. But yeah Brad was telling me its an early "rx" before it received recognition as an RX. Still an 87 and has all RX options. I really like the color.
  10. Blew the coolant hose on my turbo and I have final exams the week of this. So I was going to come home from school to go on the run, but now my car is broke so I'm out.
  11. nick1208

    Nick's 1987 RX

    Yeah brad was the original owner and he really loved it. Brett, the guy who you rallycross with gave me a decent deal on it, I saw some pictures of him thrashing it and there's still a lot of dirt on the subframes from him I remember seeing the car at my first WCSS when it looked like this: I was pretty excited during the short time I had it running well, I just recently cracked the coolant hose under the turbo before I left for school. I'll have to tend to that during Christmas break in 3 weeks.
  12. nick1208

    Overheating EA82T

    So it was the hose below the turbo like Tsuru said, It seems like it got kind of jammed inbetween the flange when I installed the new turbo, and the hose split. Hopefully it didn't damage the heads or the gaskets. I pulled over as soon as I noticed it was getting hot, so I hope that's all I have to replace. I'll let you know.
  13. So just driving along on the freeway today, car starts smoking a lot more than usual, and the heater is blowing cold when its on full heat. Pulled over off the freeway and tried dumping some water in the radiator because it looked a little low, and after pouring some in it starts bubbling back out the radiator and blowing steam out the intake area? Was dripping antifreeze, but couldn't tell where from. HG's possibly? I hope not. The car just had headgaskets redone about 15k ago.
  14. nick1208

    Nick's 1987 RX

    Got my boost leak issue fixed, it was a clogged catalytic converter. So I put a new downpipe on and it purrs now. re-did the 3/4 axles, and now she runs and drives pretty great. Really loving this car.