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    1978 Brat parts vehicle

    I'm looking for the two little springs associated with the tranny end of the clutch cable: the clutch return spring (should be running from the intake manifold to the clutch release lever) and another spring running from a hole in the heat shield behind the starter to a rubber loop around the clutch cable. Either of those available by chance?
  2. Got it for $3300. I think it lived in Idaho for a while. They pulled it behind their RV for years. Then some people out by Lake Tahoe bought it and restored it to its current state, shooting for the Ronald Reagan brat look. The inside is in pretty good shape, but new carpets and reupholstered seats are on my to-do list. No rust and runs great though.
  3. ya i recognize that one from craigslist too. looks nicer than the pics he had up! nice grab.

    1978 brat part out

    you wouldn't happen to have the door to the glove box would you? if you do, i'd love to see a pic. mine is all scratched up. And is there some kind of shelf that sat under the glove box? It looks like there used to be something there in mine but I'm not sure what it was...
  5. Will do spicypeanut. I've seen (drooled on) your build thread so anything I can do!
  6. That would be great! Ya, my lights work, its just the back left lens that got busted, so thats what I'm looking to replace. so i guess it would depend on how badly they are cracked. PM me some pics?
  7. Just picked up a beautiful 79 brat, but I'm wanting to replace the struts. I've poked around a little but can't seem to find any part numbers. Anyone have any recommendations? Has anyone used the KYB GR-2/EXCEL-G SHOCK ABSORBER?
  8. Kirzick, if you are still looking, then by all means, but I'm actually looking for a left side tail light lens for a '79 Brat. Did you say you have one kicking around Scooner?

    Jump seats mounting frame

    Are you still looking for one?
  10. Me too! That was one of the first things I did when I got it. (as you can see in the third picture i wasn't quite done with the front) Makes a HUGE difference.
  11. I check this thread probably every day, its about time I added a couple pics of my own! Here's to trusty musty, my first classic subie.

    BOSS 2" EA82 Lift Kits- $100!!!

    so lets say right now when i push the height control button, the car lifts 2". if i get the lift, would the car normally cruise at 2" higher than stock and then 4" higher than stock with the height control engaged, or will it just always ride 2" higher than stock? In the case of the potentially 4" higher than stock scenario, would that necessitate lowering the engine etc?

    BOSS 2" EA82 Lift Kits- $100!!!

    I've got an 87 Gl-10 with a still functioning Pneumatic Height control system in it. Is this lift the kind of thing i should look into once it starts giving me trouble (i hear its inevitable...) or can the 2" lift work with it?

    overheats with the A/C on

    Thanks so much everyone for your responses! Now I have a couple things I need to try. I wont have time all this week unfortunately to mess with it but I'll keep you posted and likely ask more questions later! and yes, this is the turbo version.