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  1. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Drove it up a skifield and back, 3 hour round trip, had it at 4 k rpm most of the way up Mt Hutt, and 3 k most of the way from Chch to Hutt and back on the open road... It's then sat for 2 weeks. Without being driven. I doubt it's the carb or intake gasket as the oil is really milky and well up the dipstick, looks like it's had a lot of coolant mixed in. I might just pull the ea82 and reseal it as I've got a complete gasket set in the shed and can borrow a hoist and engine stand off a mate. Also have the original motor too for extra bits. I might actually rebuild the original motor as I suspect that's also got a blown HG but without coolant/oil mixing. Also doesn't burn any oil, compared with the replacement motor I fitted which does. Will be a wee while till I have spare time to rebuild a motor though, am in the middle of renovating my bathroom!
  2. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Well, she's definitely blown the head gasket. Pulled the dipstick out today and it's looking like a chocolate milkshake in there. Might be time for an EJ I think.
  3. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Why does the coolant actually make a difference on the Hitachi? I was wondering that. One of my mates has a Weber off his EJ18 jet boat that he converted to EJ22 EFI, which I have been tempted to slap on for a while now
  4. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Fighting leaky gaskets (again). I just cannot seem to get the carburetor and intake manifold gaskets to seal, and it is really starting to annoy me. I've used new aftermarket gaskets, made my own, used sealant, not used sealant, etc and makes no difference. Car runs fine and doesn't get hot, just consistently leaks small amounts of coolant and consumes it when going up long uphills (I assume because it starts getting a little warmer and the pressure increases). Any ideas on how to fix this? Contemplating seeing if Subaru have any genuine gaskets left.
  5. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Retrospective post from my Lees Valley trip with the Land Rover club in March: https://i.imgur.com/FsxhLE3.gifv
  6. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Thanks! Mainly not looking forward to pulling the dash out... Probably a good idea to do it sooner rather than later though as I sometimes drive in bare feet eg when going to the beach and I'd rather not receive 4 litres of red hot coolant onto them haha
  7. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Thanks, the wagon doesn't have AC so might give this a go!
  8. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    She's alive again! Unfortunately my replacement alternator (came with a spare engine) definitely has a bad bearing. It makes one heck of a racket. At least it charges though! I think I'll order a 1990 Maxima alternator off rockauto and do the upgrade mod unless anyone has any better options? Would prefer a higher output than the factory 60a. https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/97208-bolt-in-ea-series-alternator-upgrade-nissan-maxima-alt-installation-guide/#comment-818145
  9. KiwiGL

    The grey ghost - 1984 JDM Turbo sedan

    Still working on the wagon... However my new parts arrived, so have got it basically back together. Just need to fill with fluids and give it a shakedown run. Although, the right side intake manifold gaskets appear to have a bit of a leak... That may be where my coolant is going (as opposed to the turbo) so seeing as I've got the radiator drained I might just whip off the intake, cut some new gaskets and put it back together with some quality anaerobic sealant. Does anyone know how to get the plugs off the injectors without destroying them? I don't like the look of those bits of wire on the plugs...
  10. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Well, after a quick Google it turns out the position fuse is for the parking lights... When I cleaned the dash I must have clicked the switch on the column... So after turning those off, that cured my mysterious grounding problem. Thank God, as I really didn't want to trace a bad wire. Alternator is definitely still dead though. Will swap the pulleys over and keep the good one in there.
  11. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    And having pulled the dash apart, I can confirm there is no resistor across the light...
  12. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    So. Have pulled dash to bits. Turns out charge bulb and light work and no connection problems there either. The old alternator had no resistance between the earth and output posts so I think it's stuffed... I also have an errant ground on the "position" circuit. When I tested with no battery in it, there was no resistance across the battery leads (which there should be). Therefore I pulled all the fuses and put them back one by one... Tedious. So will also have to trace that circuit. I then swapped the alternator over and put a battery in it - the charge light now comes on with key in on position! Didn't start it as I need to swap the pulleys over. Getting there...
  13. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Thanks guys. I've got a spare alt, will pick up some globes and replace those, check wiring and swap alt if it's bad.