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  1. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Nah those last photos are from the Flea Bay road, up behind Akaroa. I've actually been into Skippers 3 times in the past year but haven't taken Gertie in there.
  2. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Went for a little drive yesterday... may have gone a bit further than I was intending to.
  3. I just recently redid my intake manifold. The OEM bolts come with a flared head base but do not use a washer. The clearance is tight but the gasket is thick enough, at least in my case. I would recommend chasing the threads and cleaning up the bolts as best you can.
  4. I just used standard height racks that are high enough to fit over the touring roof. Had to redrill the outer brackets slightly to make them long enough to fit over the trim but works fine. Have had 5 sets of skis and two kayaks up there at various times. I have them mounted fairly far forward, reason being so that I can still open the boot with skis or kayak on the roof. Also means the front rack sits over the low part of the roof. Pretty sure my racks are 150 mm high on the sides, and the mounts are just standard gutter design. The brand is "wildcat" - it's a 1.3 m wide new old stock 1980s roof rack for gutter mount I bought off a guy who used to own a Supercheap Auto and was clearing leftover parts out of his garage.
  5. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Also picked up this reproduction Omega badge courtesy of the NZ old school Subaru FB page. Actually better than the original, as the original was just painted on and this is a proper badge! 3D printed to the original design.
  6. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Took Gertie for a little blast up the summit road to celebrate the end of lockdown. Also, as a present for hitting 450,000 kms, I took her to Crowesport and had both CV boots on the left front axle replaced as they were cracked. Would have done it myself but couldn't get the castle nut off haha. Enjoy the pics! She's definitely got a "5 metre" paint job but it cleans up OK.
  7. KiwiGL

    Sti swap into 87 gl 10

    ADF and SJR both sell adapter plates. However the clutch may be difficult to get right. Probably best to read a few older threads to get a good idea of what's involved. Most people who swap turbo engines use the ej gearbox.
  8. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Hey, no worries, glad it was useful! The Brat would be the EA81 right? It sounds to me like you've got a blown head gasket. There should not be any coolant behind the oil pump, only oil. So if you have coolant coming from behind the oil pump that suggests to me that you have coolant contaminating your oil. The most common cause of this would be a blown head gasket, especially if you have recently overheated it.
  9. KiwiGL

    Upgrades for 85 brat

    A Weber won't give you much more power vs a Hitachi in good condition anyway. The jetting allows pretty much exactly the same fuel flow. I think the Weber has a bigger primary and a smaller secondary though so you could rejet the Hitachi to make it drive more like a Weber, but at the expense of some fuel economy.
  10. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

  11. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Damn, all my pictures have disappeared. In other news, Gertie is still going strong. I have now put 6500 kms on her in one year of ownership and she is sitting at 450,000 kms total. The new engine is going strong. Just this week, as a lockdown project, I have done a complete front reseal on it. This included new front main seal, front camshaft seals and o rings, oil pump reseal, new timing gear, and I also took the manifold off and resealed that, along with the carburetor onto manifold seals, and the rocker covers. I have previously rebuilt the carb. I also checked the timing, and replaced the thermostat as she has still been running a tad on the warm side at times (although I realised that she is actually missing the viscous fan and only has the electric secondary so that could account for it). Anyhow, she no longer has lifter tick, and shouldn't leak oil anymore (was getting pretty bad from the front main seal and left camshaft seal). Not bad for a couple of days work. The only painful thing was that two of the intake manifold bolts snapped off... had to drill them out and then chase the thread carefully. I managed to extract two bolts from my spare EA82, so no harm anyhow. I'm also running it sans timing covers, I quite like the look. A fun wee project!
  12. KiwiGL

    highest mileage?

    Gertie (my 1989 Omega Touring Wagon) did 445,000km on the original carbie EA82. She's now getting close to 450,000 kms. Getting up there!