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  1. KiwiGL

    Gertie (the L series touring wagon)

    Cheers for the replies guys! I've always liked that shade of blue and have always been a fan of ruby scoo, I remember watching your first videos almost ten years ago Bennie - the ones with the Urthboy soundtrack. At this point my general aim for the vehicle is keep it standard and slowly restore it back to a clean, original condition wagon. I'd like to keep the EA series engine for originality. Unfortunately I suspect it needs a headgasket done, but that's okay. My flatmate and his mate are also big Subaru guys and have plenty of expertise pulling down EJs and the odd EA, so will be a learning curve. So I need to order a gasket set, timing belt kit, and also a set of front CV boots. I might just get a reman axle as they're $37 on rockauto with $17 US shipping, which isn't a huge amount more than just ordering boots. Might ring Subaru and see if they have genuine boots in stock - does anyone know if later model Subaru CV boots fit a Leone? I need the front inner and outer boots. Also for headgaskets - anyone recommend an aftermarket brand or should I get genuine if possible? So far I've changed oil and filter, flushed coolant, changed gearbox oil, vaccumed the interior, put seat covers on the front and hosed the worst of the leaves off (was parked under a pine tree for 6 months). Still need to take the front fender liners off and hose out the base of the fender, so many needles...
  2. New wagon I just picked up a couple of days ago. See my thread for more. :-)
  3. Thought I'd make a thread for my new Subaru. Gertie has the honour of being the second L series touring wagon I've owned. She was named by the previous owner, and is a 1989 NZ new Subaru Omega GL touring wagon, 5 speed dual-range. My first was an NZ new 1987 Leone GTX Turbo, 3AT pt4wd. Unfortunately she rusted out back in 2014, terminal firewall cancer. Since then I've had a Forester, a Vitara and I currently also own an r50 JDM Nissan Terrano. I saw this car in person several months ago, and strongly considered asking the owner if they'd be willing to sell. When it popped up on Facebook marketplace at an extremely reasonable price, I had to buy it, especially considering I was heading down to Queenstown that weekend regardless. So I made contact with the owner, and they arranged to take it for a wof, which it clean sheeted! They also kindly put 6 months registration on for me. I went to pick it up, and lo and behold the seller is a nurse that I was working with only several months ago! She and her husband (who is sadly terminally ill) had owned it since 1992, when they purchased it off a banker in Mosgiel. Only sold it because he couldn't drive it anymore and it had been sitting for a year. Condition is generally good. The metalwork is near perfect, no rust whatsoever besides a few minor stone chips. Interior is pretty average, dash is good but seats, door trims and headliner need recovering. Mechanically it's great, little bit of hesitation around 2500 rpm under moderate throttle but better with WOT and above 3000. Slight lifter tick from time to time, not too bad. Third has a somewhat worn synchro. Suspension, brakes, steering, tyres etc all great. Smallish oil leaks. You wouldn't know it has done 443,000 km... Regular maintenance is key I suppose! Full service history for the last 30 years, oil and filter every 5000 km etc. Overall extremely pleased for the price I paid. I could sell it tomorrow for half what I paid again. Only thing I've done is replaced the battery as it was from 2011 and couldn't hold a charge.
  4. KiwiGL

    4x140 wheels?

    How much for a set of the XT6 replica hubs?
  5. He needs some of the twin-cam EA82 heads. Made by a New Zealand company for the aviation industry, they gave the EA82 140 hp naturally aspirated. With those heads you could probably get 300 hp with a turbo setup! http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/131098-dohc-ea82-aviation/
  6. KiwiGL

    84 4wd Touring wagon

    Definitely needs some touring wagon decals! Love it.
  7. KiwiGL

    84 4wd Touring wagon

    Beautiful work. Great to see it coming together! Hope you can get it registered on the original black plates
  8. KiwiGL

    84 4wd Touring wagon

    Looks mint, loving your restoration work
  9. KiwiGL

    Subaru Leone GLF aka FakeAE86

    Nice car. I reckon the third gen coupe looks far more like an AE86 though, flying wedge profile.
  10. KiwiGL

    78' Brat

    Love your EE20 idea! Have you seen boxeer.com? An EE20 is also 40mm shorter than an EJ I believe so should fit nicely. I'd love an EE20 swapped 6-speed third gen touring wagon as a daily driver, would cost so little to run!
  11. KiwiGL

    So, I bought a GL-10.

    If I were you I'd go with a WAIC off a first gen legacy RS or GT, so you don't have to cut a scoop. Super tidy, looks awesome! I love the 4wd turbo on the boot, always thought those were cooler than having the plate there.
  12. KiwiGL

    84 4wd Touring wagon

    Love it, looks great. Is that the original colour?
  13. KiwiGL

    Older vs Newer

    DOC rangers are underappreciated imo, it's a hard job at times with all the track maintenance etc Blanket Bay lodge is it? Few Lord of the Rings stars stayed there...
  14. KiwiGL

    Loyale Rambln Wagon Build

    The above poster is a little confused. Both the push-button 4WD and the dual-range are front wheel drive (FWD) under normal tarmac driving. The 4wd button activates a vacuum solenoid that engages the coupling and thus the rear wheels. Moving the 4wd lever to the 4wd position achieves the same thing in a dual-range. The difference is that in the dual-range, you can move the 4wd lever up one more notch and engage the 1.59:1 dual-range gearing, which allows you to climb and descend steep slopes safely and/or do hill starts with a trailer on (the Subie low range has syncromesh so can be shifted whilst moving). Neither gearbox is a true all wheel drive (AWD) setup as neither has a centre differential and as such these vehicles are designed to be 4wd on loose surfaces, like gravel, only and not AWD for street use. Engaging 4wd on asphalt will risk damaging the gearbox, axles, tyres etc. Only the rare (2500 sold) RX turbo had a true AWD gearbox with a lockable centre differential and a 1.19:1 dual-range, as far as the EA chassis vehicles are concerned. As far as EJ chassis vehicles are concerned, they are full-time AWD with a viscous centre differential with no locking mechanism. Some markets eg New Zealand, did get a dual-range manual transmission however. I owned one, a 2002 Forester. Also had a 1987 GTX Turbo touring wagon (3AT though). The above is true for manual subies only. Also, cool wagon man, always loved the EA82 wagons. The rear tyre carrier is mint. Looks like your roof racks are for a raised roof touring wagon though!
  15. KiwiGL

    Older vs Newer

    Clean Brumby, always liked those massive NZ canopies! My late grandparents built a place in Arrowtown in the 70s so I spend most holidays up there, live in Dunedin rest of the time. Beautiful part of the country, always liked Glenorchy too, there's some great fishing around there up the Rees, Dart, Greenstone, Diamond lake/creek etc...