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  1. If you're after a new seat, can try the BRZ / EA86 seat - They have been successful by all reports for later gen BRATS ... Not sure if they'll fit in earlier model though ... Cheers, Bantum ...
  2. I've been following your posts on FB - great work ... Do have a query on how much stuff do you have left ? Ciao, Bantum ...
  3. I do, but would be best to find someone local ... Have you tried a hacker space ? Cheers, Bantum ...
  4. There be wiring diagrams floating around somewhere here, on FB & AUSubaru ...
  5. I like the mag wheels you had on earlier, hope you kept them ... :/
  6. Did some measuring of my own 5MT & R160 Differentials : https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipM1E6B40KKf2Z3dGy9xVpPCbtRL4gkblZ2tRd291aSfABwY5PSE54eVv1s7PJ5JeQ?key=QXJNWkhHejk2SFBHNFVxc2JzeHBYZkRQYUtVWGNB Nice to know they are not the same ... Cheers, Bantum ...
  7. I'm doing some research on the R160 diff project & came a cross this thread, would be be interested to know if a locker could be made to fit both front & rear carriers ... Follow the project here : https://www.facebook.com/R160.Diff.Locker.Project/ Cheers, Bantum ...
  8. The 'R160 Diff Locker Project' has been started over on FB, you're welcome to check it out & fill in the survey. We'll be looking at making a prototype eventually that can be field tested, then it should be available for production. More info here : https://www.facebook.com/R160.Diff.Locker.Project/ Cheers, Bantum ...
  9. Looking for pictures of the new hub ( not previously posted ) + it would be good to see some install pictures to ... Cheers, Bantum ...
  10. Yerp - The 5 speed may not fit in the tunnel, as is a bigger unit than old one + the EA82 is wider & will require rail mods. I'd get both drivelines & lay them out, once you have them side by side & note the differences - you'll see what will / wont work. Yes you could cut the tunnel & rails from a donor - lot of work though. P.S. - You'd want the strut towers as well. Ciao, Bantum ...
  11. Yer, I'd go with an EA81 for a direct swap, anything later will require modifying ... :/ If you do have your heart set on a later model, go for EJ SOHC gear as it should fit without too much trouble. May also require 'massaging' the tunnel, depending on which transmission you use ... Cheers, Bantum ...
  12. Yer - it'll be easier to replace the whole line, as you'll be forever chasing rusted spots ...
  13. Hub redrilling is not ideal in my book, so I'd go with the 5 stud conversion ... Cheers, Bantum ...
  14. Not sure what your after exactly, as this site is more for car engines ... Link to supplier : http://www.ramengines.com/page6.php Cheers, Bantum ...
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