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  1. i have a 98 impreza. the fan just stopped working and im no longer able to defrost or use the heater. ive checked fuses but it did this before and then started working so i think i have a bad connection. i just dont know where the connections would be? any help????
  2. from what i understand those are also linked to the timing so im really hoping that the bolt may just not be locking in or something simple?? really really hoping the inside of the block that the pully screws into isn't just stripped
  3. so i was on a road trip and while on the highway my battery light came on and i noticed a difference in my power steering. i pulled over to check it out and both belts for the alternator and powersteering had fallen off the "pully" that links the 2. i noticed that it was just loose so i got the belts back on and tightend it back up but now if i start the car the belts dont move but the bult itself just re-unthreads to make the pully loose again..... i need help on this one!
  4. betzold

    95 legacy needs more clearance

    http://www.ultimates...5-legacy-wagon/ heres a link to the lego with forester. 04 forester. but idk how easy the swap would be...
  5. gettin my legacy clearance

  6. betzold

    95 legacy needs more clearance

    what about off of the forester?
  7. http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/136949-95-legacy-needs-more-clearance/ heres the link to my stuff. im needing help. ive been told to do the 99 outback suspension but the forester setup looks much taller and more beefy. you said your tires rub but if i went down to like a 210 would it work fine? and is it as basic of a swap as just doing the outback setup? if you could help and post on my link it would be much appreciated!
  8. betzold

    95 legacy needs more clearance

    and will that be a significant difference in ride height? i mean i dont want to go spend a bunch of money for like a half inch haha and what about this? they said the tires rub but if i went down to just a 15 wheel and like 210 tires? http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/95214-2004-forester-xt-suspension-on-95-legacy-wagon/
  9. betzold

    95 legacy needs more clearance

    so all i need is the struts and springs off of a 99 outback? seems like itd be simple to find that setup with the wheels and tires on it already. will i need anything else?
  10. betzold

    95 legacy needs more clearance

    i have a 95 legacy wagon and i can drive it anywhere , im always folling my friends in their lifted pickups etc. only thing is i would like more clearance, especially with the tow kit on the back that hangs down a bit lower. i believe my friend put outback suspension on his but was wondering what the tallest or best suspension to buy would be? im looking for something that i can just get from a "pull n save" for fairly cheap and would be fairly easy to find. any ideas??