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  1. Hello everyone. Here's a new weird problem with our 1990 Legacy: We noticed the 4WD fuse was missing. Put one in and the car immediately stopped automatic shifting! Stays in 1st gear no matter what. Doesn't matter if car is in Manual or Auto mode, 1,2,3, or D. Pulled the fuse back out and car went right back to normal shifting. I hope this isn't a sign of a much bigger problem. Thanks in advance for any input you may have! -Andy
  2. Bought a 90 legacy & discovered it had an overheating issue. Aftermarket temperature gauge (came with vehicle) reading 210 as operating temperature, but would drop to 170-190 at 50-60 mph. Trouble shoot fans, both fan motors are dead. Replaced both fans. No change in temp. Curiously, the both fans run all the time, even at cold start up. Trouble shoot coolant, coolant is ok. Trouble shoot thermostat, get OEM aftermarket brand supposedly designed to keep temp at 170. Drained coolant and installed new thermostat, fillled with fresh coolant (but did not start at engine block..'burped' ...just filled into radiator) and temp now runs at 200. Will attempt to burp system today. Is a fun car, but the cooling thing is really strange. Any thoughts would be appreciated.