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  1. lvsarge

    Looking for an engine

    So I did the typical post a need for something and didn't check back on the forum. I got swept away and forgot all about it. I've been working on my garage getting everything in order, and more importantly making more space for my project(s). Moosens thanks for the reply, I apologize for getting back so late. I wouldn't necessarily be against a trip to Connecticut but it's an awkward time to travel right now, if you even still have the block. i'll check back when the worst of this covid is behind us. Hope you all are safe.
  2. Hey fellow old timers, long time no talk. Finally getting to a point where I want to work on my other Brat, but it turns out the block I had is rusted out to near complete oblivion inside the cylinders. I do not think I can salvage it. So I am looking for a usable EA71. I'm no longer in the west coast, and have since moved to Georgia, so let me know if there's one on my side of the world I can grab. Thanks guys.
  3. lvsarge

    Greetings from the desert!

    Hey you found USMB, good. Hope you find what you are looking for. Guys here are very knowledgable and friendly.
  4. lvsarge

    79 Brat in Vegas

    Hey thanks Wiclipse. I can't remember where I got the black carpet. It was one of the major auto part companies online like Andy's, or Auto Geek. I don't recommend it though, it was cut pretty poorly, and didn't cover everything. Doing it again I'd have rather taken it somewhere to get a custom insert put in. As for the Brat in this thread, however, I have since traded it away and no longer own it, as of about 3 weeks ago. The new owner says he plans to take it to Michigan, so hopefully it won't rot to death out there, but who knows. I will start another thread on my yellow one if/when I get some time to dig in on it. It's just been sitting in my garage for a year and haven't had any time really to start in on it, yet.
  5. Ahh so KevinT sold it huh? Good luck with the build.
  6. Different vehicles and differentials, but when I took my brat in, the oil in the rear dif was so coagulated, it didn't even drip off the plug, it was almost like a gel, and the color was pitched black, with a slight green tinge. The poor dif was due for an oil change years before I owned it. Despite that, she still ran fine, and does today.
  7. Saw this guy on auto trader today. Getting rid of her already?
  8. It seems FB is saturated with overlap. The old school group has been there for quite some time already. I'm not sure if you've seen/heard of it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/55757792531/
  9. lvsarge

    79 Brat in Vegas

    One question though that I haven't quite figured out. When I make a very sharp left or right hand turn (obviously at low speeds) I get what sounds like metal tapping metal, I assume from the stabilizer bar. Anyone know why this may be occuring? It's definitely not a wheel bearing clunk (god I'd hope not since I changed them out), but more of a tap tap tap on metal, until I straighten the wheel.
  10. lvsarge

    79 Brat in Vegas

    Little status update. Took her to work twice this week and she did fine on the road. Surprisingly quiet on the highway (all the dynamat helps), and no random rattles and shakes I used to get going 65 mph. Startups, especially cold, remain a problem. It appears to be affiliated with the choke. It seems my throttle plate doesn't close after the engine cools off and I blip the throttle. I had been playing with the choke trying to make it not too tight and not too lose, it just seems gummed up, so I will clean all the linkages and see if I can dial it in better.
  11. Well if you have the knuckle out, the axle is a piece of cake. Just take the pin off and pull. I would replace your wheel bearings too if you're that far into it. Why not? They're cheap
  12. lvsarge

    Never say never

    Nice story. Glad you came up with the part
  13. I too would love to purchase reproduction parts and would like to assist if at all possible as well.
  14. lvsarge

    79 Brat in Vegas

    So the clutch problem is fixed, it's registered, and I have successfully taken this thing out for about a 3 mile drive. She runs great! I had to lean out the carb a little, and it can be a bit stubborn in the cold mornings but the truck drives, rolls, stops, and runs overall fantastic. I've still got bodywork to do, and paint eventually but I feel like I've resurrected this guy to close to it's former glory. Another brat on the road! More pics to come as I take them. Thanks for all of your help and support USMB. You guys have been a great wealth of knowledge on this journey so far. I really do, sincerely, appreciate all of it.
  15. Welcome. Nice car you have there. Hope she's gremlin free