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  1. in the past, squeaky seats have plagued Subaru's due to teflon being used and wearing through. they did admit warranty issues and issue TSB's for them. I know 2012-2013 Impreza's had the issue
  2. Yeah in Japan many WRX were 4.44 ratio. The expressway speed limit is 100 km/h or basically 60 mph.
  3. 205/70/15 available in basically everything that Nokian sells to NA. The WRG-3 all weather is a killer tire for a Subaru. Caveat is it is directional and they are spendy
  4. But why do you really need the R180? The R160 will hold some HP and if H6/ 230hp is what your after then it's well within your limitations.. If it's the 5x4.5" bolt pattern you like then you could adapt it with a spacer
  5. Nothing special about a WRX diff other than the ratio being 3.54:1. Those LSD's will fit any R160 Subaru if you get the right one ( get ahold of Cusco ). True friction based LSD's were available in the 80's in the USA and some special cars JDM market only got them 90's-2000's. You can find them from importers. The Viscous coupling in the differentials that makes the VLSD work stops coupling and then it becomes an open diff. It's not a great solution in working condition but Subaru didn't have anything serious in mind. Going STI/ R180 differential is a whole different ballgame. You would need STI hubs, and everything outbound to make it work. STI anything is spendy
  6. WRX isn't what you want. All Subaru's except the STI have R160 differentials. Many of them also had the VLSD ( outback's and Forester S/XS 2000+ ). The VLSD is probably not functional in any car you find. It wouldn't do what you think it would if you found a working example. WRX uses a center differential that is 1.1:1, so the front and rear differential ratios are actually split ratio's. All other Subaru's use a 1:1 center diff and the front and rear gear ratio's are the same. Either 4.11:1 for manual or 4.44:1 for automatic ( JDM turbo and Forester XT manual is 4.44, in general ) Axles changed by the years and models, but you can generally make anything work. Automatic/ manual axles are different lengths but interchange, basically.. All in all, a 2000-2004 Outback LL Bean or other with the H6 EZ30 will be a good donor. A 1992-1997 Subaru SVX with it's EG33 H6 also had 5x4.5" bolt wheels and would allow you to run truck rims if you wanted .
  7. Car-part shows 1993-2000 for me, listing for a 1997. It's likely a crash structure that changed in about 2000 causing the part number to change but I'd buy a 1993-2001 as a replacement as long as they would allow return but it should fit Opposed Forces show a 61700FA000 going to 1997 and 61700FA001 from 1997-2001 and also as the superseded part number
  8. I couldn't find any steel 18" that would clear the brakes. Seems a lot just run cheap aftermarket wheels because of it. So had to get the cheap alloys. They were like $450 shipped. I'm sure they will bend on impact and save the car should that happen. Do you know what frequency the 2019 STI TPMS runs at? I've read 433mhz but Tire rack and Fastwrx both show a 315mhz as being correct. I can't find sensors for it from Subaru to cross a part number, only the $108 control box Reason being, the Autel TS401 is available on Amazon with 4 433mhz MX sensors included for $159. That gets a $139 programmer for about $50 if I can use the 433 mhz sensors. Then I could just clone the stock sensors id's, or use the programmer in conjunction with the TPM quickset
  9. My girl got a 2019 STI last month to replace her aging 2004 WRX that was developing a number of problems. Car will need snow tires for winter, and 235/35 19 or 245/35 19 ( factory sizes ) pretty much have zero avilable, and going to a 225/40/19 which has a few tires available will run about $300 each installed. Then I got looking, and going to a 225/45/18 is right at the same diamater as the 245/35/19 and good snow tires can be had for $150... cheap 18" wheel choices in 5x114.3 are vast. Is there any reason a basic 18x8.5" with +35 offset won't work on a 2019 STI? I found some nice looking ones for $420/4. I know she should have TPMS sensors, but that's not a problem. I have an ATEQ TPM Quickset that my boss was nice and gave me cause he couldn't figure it out, and 4 sensors are like $50
  10. Yeah, Montana and other states has special laws for them that allow them to be road legal at the state level and you can register newer ones
  11. I daily drive the Suzuki version, looking at importing one of the Subaru's since they have better weight balance. Either way they are fun trucks.. '97 isn't 50 state legal though, have to be 25 years or older imported in the correct mannor ( not as used farm eqp ) to be street legal in USA
  12. No real need for expensive stuff if you want to bypass. Wix 24755 filter mount and a Wix 51050 bypass filter.. Pressure off the engine, and drop it back ( filtered ) to the pan.. You can use a sandwich adapter if you chose or just Tee under the alternator at the pressure switch.
  13. the new sku's of Walmart Supertech synthetic is now GM DEXOS certified. Making it as good as any other synthetic but saving about $10. I generally don't run Walmart oil BUT, with an OEM certification I just might..
  14. No longer available. Looks like the aftermarket may be available. Likely 37114FE000 for a later model will work and Megazip shows as available. Additionally, a USDM cable may work. https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/subaru/impreza-2161/gdae-6570/gda-4hd-553037/accel-cable-7083482#/il-164685460-5264745-5264745
  15. They should fit and work. But they might not be 'right'. Never really thought about it but the round style vs square style just might be interchangeable. You would need to check the installed height and the angle but it just might work. There is no real reason to though except for reuse if you have them like you do