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  1. Yeah, Montana and other states has special laws for them that allow them to be road legal at the state level and you can register newer ones
  2. I daily drive the Suzuki version, looking at importing one of the Subaru's since they have better weight balance. Either way they are fun trucks.. '97 isn't 50 state legal though, have to be 25 years or older imported in the correct mannor ( not as used farm eqp ) to be street legal in USA
  3. No real need for expensive stuff if you want to bypass. Wix 24755 filter mount and a Wix 51050 bypass filter.. Pressure off the engine, and drop it back ( filtered ) to the pan.. You can use a sandwich adapter if you chose or just Tee under the alternator at the pressure switch.
  4. the new sku's of Walmart Supertech synthetic is now GM DEXOS certified. Making it as good as any other synthetic but saving about $10. I generally don't run Walmart oil BUT, with an OEM certification I just might..
  5. No longer available. Looks like the aftermarket may be available. Likely 37114FE000 for a later model will work and Megazip shows as available. Additionally, a USDM cable may work. https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/subaru/impreza-2161/gdae-6570/gda-4hd-553037/accel-cable-7083482#/il-164685460-5264745-5264745
  6. They should fit and work. But they might not be 'right'. Never really thought about it but the round style vs square style just might be interchangeable. You would need to check the installed height and the angle but it just might work. There is no real reason to though except for reuse if you have them like you do
  7. I know the DIS-2 does, since it was used in the past on Subaru. They probably don't have the testing in place. In any case you do have other options.. Megasquirt 2/ Microsquirt injection is probably where I would go. They are used on Subaru all the time. $300, you can just mount it on the firewall and use part of the original harness. There is also DIY PNP setups where they fit in an OEM ecu case.. You would need a WRX or other 36 tooth crank sprocket as MS2 works best with it. It's a race car so idle air control functionality is moot.
  8. I would use the DIS 2 or 4 box . They will give you better spark timing ( adjustable ) and you can tweak the rev limit.. You might want to call MSD to get the right part number that will work and to increase the rev limit. They make a few variations
  9. He is limited to 2wd ( frt or rear ), and shifts between 2 gears. A 6spd is a waste of money in this case
  10. 2002-2007. Clutch systems changed in 2006 wrx back to a push style cluch which is what the RS trans is, but with a different slave cylinder for a 2002-2005 WRX, you can use either transmission The front diff is 3.90 ratio, and with the 1.1:1 center diff, the rear diff is 3.54
  11. It's a programmable race version of the DIS 2 box. It's the only DIS-2 that is in current production.. Looks like the tech manual for the DIS-4 says it can be used on 4cyl also. ad listings suggest 6-8 cyl only. https://www.msdperformance.com/products/ignitions/distributorless/parts/62152?gclid=Cj0KCQjwz7rXBRD9ARIsABfBl82f5nnRfJ8zFkLTzyYI6tMRfYcCpKodpLDdA7x_mpgdZJF8SP-99ssaAsWfEALw_wcB
  12. 4.44 isn't going to do you any good if your running out of usable rpm. A 3.90 transmission would be the cats meow.. If you want to bump the rev limiter. MSD DIS-2 ignition boxes ( discontinued but obtainable ) will work for you. The Midget race box will as well and it's in production.
  13. The question is why. If you only run 3rd and 4th. The 6spd is a waste. Gear ratio's are very close for 4th- 5th in a 6spd to 3rd -4th in a 5spd This is for the WRX 5spd. Your 4.11 RS/ Forester transmission has a bit different gear ratio but you could save a TON by just going with a WRX 5spd
  14. well if you were going to sell a car worth $4k, you would not put $3,500 into it.. Lesser car's have a larger value, at least here in NY as long as they have 120-150k miles.. A 200k mile car is a $2k car up to a point ( certainly in the 2003 range ). The other way to look at it is, the short block is guaranteed for 3/36, but the car might not last that long, or if it would even be kept that long. The 2.0L is a slight bit of a gamble but at under 1/2 cost... If this were a Corolla we would just be suggesting the junkyard or a cheap engine at best. Realistically a Subaru is no different. A cheap car to drive is a cheap car to own.. A Nissan Verse is not a fun car to drive either, but they sell lots of them to people who want a cheap car
  15. The big thing to consider is the engine itself does not constitute the rest of the drivetrain or the condition of the vehicle.. 2.0L swaps are popular in areas where clean cars are harder to find because the car's simply are not worth the expense.