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  1. use a tactrix cable and romraider to tune out the rear O2 sensor. O2 sensor eliminators are early 2000's band aids. Tuning is the better option. 2002 WRX needs tuning anyway
  2. Both are 1:1 center diff so identical.. However if you have a manual it is still 4.11. Auto only is 4.44
  3. The FB engine is chain drive. No maintenance schedule for that like the belts. If it's an EJ engine then it has a cam belt and the 105k/105m scheduled but no oil consumption issues
  4. Subaru is so finicky with the MAF sensors that a junkyard replacement is the most cost effective since they rarely go bad. Aftermarkets often do not work at all and OEM Subaru is really expensive. If you have an oiled cone filter on your engine that may have led the faliure
  5. matt167

    Valve spring recall

    My moms 2016 had failure at 55k which was repaired under warranty but botched, and then repaired again 24 miles later. Then at 74k miles the engine developed a cam position signal issue that the dealer and Subaru both refused to honor. Dealer replaced sensor, wiring and then a control box but gave up when they knew it was internal. She now drives a Ford Escape. The recall came one week after she notified Subaru customer service she had gotten rid of the car. They had agreed the quickest and best repair would have been a long block swap, but she put the same money down on the Escape.. Subaru customer service told her they 'might' be willing to help, but they wouldn't give a straight answer until my mom paid $800 to have the engine pulled. I think it effects 2016 Crosstrek only, and my moms was a 5spd. But I would recommend dumping a 2016 Crosstrek due to possible problems, and then Subaru to tell you CYA.
  6. pay for new hoses and belts. New spark plugs if it's not in their repair list with the shortblock. Your getting basically free labor on the clutch
  7. A car with 284k miles just has no value really. Whatever Carmax would give is what it would be worth as that would be the safe investment point should it need to be gotten rid of, and that is it right around $5-800 I would think. Very few people are going to want it so it's not a safe investment over that.. 2-3 years would put it over 400k miles depending on driving habits.
  8. They will run and run well over 300k. The problem is the rest of the car has 300k miles as well. controls/ switches are worn, bushings are gone, struts are gone. everything is just plain worn out. I'd offer $500 if it's solid and runs good, then replace all the struts and bushings, and everything else
  9. Subaru Forester XT. However Forester STI 4.44 5spds are pretty cheap to get. $4-500 from an importer. Japan also got dual range AFAIK since the importers from Japan sometimes have them. But the Aus/ EDM/ JDM EJ dual range is only 1.19:1 reduction in low range as I recall. The 4.44 turbo trans would do better
  10. There were a couple versions in Japan that were turbo and had a more pronounced scoop but not drastically different. The part might still be available and they should drop in to your hood. www.megazip.net. Search Subaru legacy, then 1996-1998 ( years are sometimes different in Japan ) look for turbo or sporty sounding ones, and check the hood listings
  11. Upping the weight could throw a code for the active valve system.. If it's using that much oil it will fail their test and you'll get a new short block. The warranty on that only covers to 100k so best to get it now while you can
  12. Yeah, but it's an option. Depends on his budget, that's why I mentioned it as an option.
  13. There's also the option of a complete JDM Ej20 in the $5-800 range. Several importers in Washington to drive up to and grab one
  14. matt167

    Valve spring recall

    The recall is probably due to my moms old car and probably others in the engine run. It was a 2016 5spd Crosstrek and an intake valve spring let go and shot the keeper through the valve, then what was left mangled the cam and destroyed the entire driverside head at 55k miles ( under warranty ). It was towed to dealer and repaired. After repair driven 24 miles and brought back due to improper repair where they re repaired it and it was fine for 20k miles and the engine was loud after that. After 20k miles, a cam signal issue cropped up on the passenger side couldn't be corrected electrically, and they deemed it her problem, even with SOA saying they 'might' assist her, but she had to agree to sign a paper to pull the engine at a cost of $800 up front.. I told her to dump the pile and buy a Ford and she did.. She bought a similar year Ford Escape Ecoboost since she didn't want brand new again. The Ford has a nicer interior, and fit and finish. Just overall a better car
  15. 2001 and up was optioned with 215 60 16, but the old 15" was standard.