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  1. That depends. The EJ20E motor will work with an EJ22E manifold and wiring harness. But EJ20E is almost non existant anymore.
  2. I used to do Subaru oil changes several times a week on those cars. We did call it the fire ring. There is no reason you can't get your hand up there, and I never even used a socket cap wrench to even pull them off, and the cars/ Exhaust were HOT when I did it.. Pliers or a 3 jaw wrench is what I used Now when I did laying on the ground oil changes to my girlfriends moms '10 legacy, I actually used a Honda V6 filter. Same specs but slightly longer to make it easier to grab
  3. Grand touring is a name that some use but basically meaningless. Touring tires/ grand touring tires are just basically highway tread.. We sell a lot of the Master craft version of the CS5, the LSR grand touring. There a good highway tire
  4. Impex Japan is a pretty cool source too. I just used them to get a clutch for my JDM Suzuki Jimny. I got my parts in a few days. You buy the part, then buy the package/ shipping when it's ready
  5. Best advice would be to buy a tread depth gauge. Walmart even sells them now for a dollar or so, or any auto parts store. any more than 2/32" variance or so and I would want an alignment. Check in 3 places or otherwise just look for uneven wear That would be for second from left. If your tires are flat spotted ( left ) then you need shocks/ struts or you got your tires at discount automart and the balance is way out.
  6. if your tires are wearing evenly, I wouldn't bother. If you have an inner or outer shoulder worn more than the rest then get an allignment
  7. takes a while to set up an allignment rack and often you'll find something just a smidge out of spec to where, your that close it might as well be done and at that point take your money for an alignment.. I had a buddy who recently went out of business who did alignment checks for $20, and $60 for the alignment which is dirt cheap here as well as having a low labor rate. He closed his business because he wasn't making enough. But he had a large customer base.
  8. alignment is one possibility for pulling left or right. But also, you can have a hung brake and not know it, and there is also the possibility that a tire has a broken belt or is under pressure, and causing a pull due to high rolling resistance.. BTW I used to do allignments, but hated doing them so I'm glad I don't do them where I'm at
  9. If tires are wearing good/ even treadwear, you don't need one. Some elect to get alignment checked with every set of tires.
  10. If your Subaru is in good allignment, I would expect 40k miles to be about the max you'll get and 25k miles the least.. Somewhere around double that for a FWD Corolla. Figure 40-50k miles per set on a FWD
  11. Yup, pretty much the northeast, the all weather tires are perfect.
  12. All weather tires have superior rain/ wet traction compared to a 'basic' all season. probably not as good as rain tires but, it's PA not Seattle They are still plenty soft for dry pavement traction. Actually a lot of racing classes will use snow tires because they are grippy in dry conditions
  13. All weather is basically a snow tire ( 3pt snowflake rated ) that they reformulated them a bit to be able to give them year round performance and treadlife and back them with a treadwear warranty.. All season tire will not have half the winter performance, but you might get more miles out of them in some cases.
  14. They are " All weather tires " designed and majority built in Finland, the remainder is built in Russia. They are snowflake rated for severe winter duty, but also carry a 60k mile warranty for use in every season. Nokian has been making a WRG all weather for probably 10 years now and the WRG4 was introduced into 2017 alongside the WRG3 originally. Now the WRG3 is discontinued and Nokian will likely have a WRG5 out at some point. Reviews are out there https://www.google.com/shopping/product/778595420962974515/reviews?client=firefox-b-1-d&channel=cus&q=nokian+wrg4&ved=0ahUKEwid497BtuzhAhVihuAKHZEkCc4Q4jUIOA