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    Hello my name is stefen I am new to subaru and wanting to learn more
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    1992 subaru loyale
  1. Cant imagine why not I made 04 wrx seats fit in my 92 loyale wagon. It took a little moding but not alot.
  2. Frankinsubi

    ea82 build

    Sorry 208-596-0108
  3. Frankinsubi

    ea82 build

    Hey guys I was just wondering if there were any of you old gen scoob guys in moscow id that we willing to help me a little with my rebuild? I would be o so grateful for any help I can get and and any extra hands I could get. Comment msg me here or go ahead and contact me on my cell calls text. 208-596-0801. Oh and who ever that was that I saw in the awesome rx the other day in the Palouse mall parking lot. Awesome scoob sir.
  4. Frankinsubi

    Brake pad/shoe brand tips?

    Wilwood 4 piston system all around.
  5. Frankinsubi

    4wd button

    can someone here please help me find a thread that shows the relocation of the 4wd button i know that i have seen it in the past but i have been loooking and am unable to fine it again. thanks,
  6. Frankinsubi

    Master rebuild kit

    one is for the the first one is for the 1600 and the other is for the 1800.
  7. that sounds like the way that ill be going then. is there i big place we will bne meating? or just find everyone on the road?
  8. # 148 im am ready lets get a big group ready for the caravan up the moscow spokane and the area around .
  9. Frankinsubi

    Old Gen Caravan to WCSS?

    I am game to be in that q of awesome scoobs.
  10. Frankinsubi

    Master rebuild kit

    Cleggengine.com they have all the stuff you need in one kit and you can make a custom kit qith all the extra bits your heart could want. Last time I ckecked they had ea81, they had all my ea82 stuff. Cheers man.
  11. Frankinsubi

    weird tick

    The sound is only there when the car is moving and when i am really stepping on the gas. then when i let of the gas just a small amout at any speed it will go away...i can rev the car all i was in neutral and there is no tick at all. there are no knocks or anything.
  12. Frankinsubi

    weird tick

    Hello guys. so i have been trying to figure out what this ticking in in the loyale maybe someone here has an idea. When the car in parked and in idle and i then rev the engine it sounds good and normal no tick but then while driving anytime that i am really on the gas there is a really fast tick tick and it goes away when i stay on the gas but just i bit softer then while ticking. I am stumped please help if you can i would like to fix it.
  13. Frankinsubi

    Need 4x4 help

    I would start with vacume lines.
  14. Frankinsubi

    oil pressure

    Yeah it just goes right to the top when you start the car, there is no hesitation.
  15. Frankinsubi

    oil pressure

    So i was driving the loyale today and the oil pressur is just under 45 psi most of the time but out of nowhere it jumped to almost 85 psi while idle and driving.... what would cause this there is not to much oil in the car and its runng 10-30 weight. any input would be great.