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  1. apintonut


    Looks like I'm getting a divorce before I finish this Any one wanna give me 1000$ for it email Tires where 600$ Apintonut@yahoo.com
  2. apintonut


    What shock are u using now? What are the extended axles?
  3. apintonut

    Buggy / UTV / Side by Side Subaru based, maybe new future product

    I like it. Wish I would have started with square tube base and dropped the rails as urs is. Wish I would have known about the rino buggy before I started too. I jumped the gun and went into it blind on my build with less help from the form than I hoped for. Other than being told to just buy a sxs. I'm sure this is going to be a very killer build
  4. apintonut


    Really want to make wcss
  5. apintonut


    Note the shock angle is to sloped so it was to soft moved the up today and it may be to stiff now the CV are to much angle but I'm going to run with it for now and spend another 150$ on shocks if must or move them back at the last second if I must
  6. apintonut


    Look what got un buried out of garage
  7. apintonut

    I'd like to try to make a side by side buggy.

    Soooooo.......about a copy of these plans....
  8. apintonut

    I'd like to try to make a side by side buggy.

    Hey hey hey !!!! If there is hard copy of plans going around I need coppys!!!!!!!
  9. I was going to say lil 3cylinder diesel out of a tractor thought there was one that mounted @ a 60* angle
  10. apintonut

    2.5RS Impreza Buggy Build

    Pre mod weight and post mod weight?
  11. apintonut

    I'd like to try to make a side by side buggy.

    Check to see if any one that did post that they had plan profile was filled out and find them on Facebook with there name and location Also I've become friends with a few people from this form said the where going to kick my but into gear on distractions (my buggy's name) to make it to wcss
  12. apintonut

    I'd like to try to make a side by side buggy.

    Google ;-) And u are following the some of the same rout I did but you asked more questions than I did truth be told I know what I would build if I had another zero behind my yearly income subarugears.com and a fugitive2 four seated rear engine 4x4 But I'm old school for my age (built not bout) (I'd be building in a bigger shop with nicer tools) when I first seen ur posts I thought about offering up my buggy for sale so yes some projects go bust but some don't.
  13. Pic the lock or replace the hole assembly
  14. apintonut

    I'd like to try to make a side by side buggy.

    jbain8. & BioHazard2222 claim to have a set in that thread I wish I know these existed when I started my build I've been building mine the hard way