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  1. Really late with this post. ANy parts still available?
  2. I saw your reply on someone else's post regarding parts~ specifically chrome bed trim. I'm actually looking for Gen 2 tailgate trim only. My son is on vacation in Maine. Maybe he could swing by on his way home to Maryland?

  3. Oh wait....Moosens is in Bridgeport Connecticut, not you. In the words of Emily Latella..."never mind"
  4. Apologies for the delay in reply. Chrome bed trim is still available? My son is on vacation in Maine. Maybe he could swing by on his way home to Maryland?
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Subaru-1976-1989-1600-1800-OHV-EA71-81-High-Performance-European-Weber-38-38-Kit/331655171188?hash=item4d38304c74:g:zBQAAOSwLqFV90KH Buying this kit~will this fit my 86 Brat as-is? (No need for a different adapter plate?)
  6. Thanks for the input thus far~much appreciated. I've confirmed that there is an EA81 stamp on the Brat engine.Based on this, is there a link that could be provided for the purchase of the correct adapter plate? This would be for the following Weber carb: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Subaru-1985-1987-1-8L-OHC-EA82-Weber-Carb-Conversion/331100259795 Last question: For this setup, is there any clearance issue for the hood being able to fully close once the Weber is installed? Thanks again!
  7. Awesome~Thanks! So I'm finding Weber Carbs that will work ~if~ you get the right adapter plate. Sound correct?
  8. So...a question that I admittedly cannot answer: What engine does my 86 Brat have?
  9. Will this fit my 86 Brat? : https://www.ebay.com/itm/Subaru-1985-1987-1-8L-OHC-EA82-Weber-Carb-Conversion/331100259795 Clicking the "check for fit" link it says it won't, even though this engine: "1986 Subaru Brat GL 4 Cylinders 5 1.8L 2BL" displays when doing the VIN # method of engine ID. Also this engine: "1.8L 1781CC H4 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated" shows up for all 1986 GL, DL, Hatchbacks,Wagons ,Sedans, Coupes, ...but not the Brat(?) This displays:This part is not compatible with 1986 Subaru Brat GL Standard Cab Pickup 2-Door 1.8L 1781CC H4 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated. Please advise. Thanks in advance!!
  10. Thanks for the quick replies! Transmission in the Outback (automatic) is shot, so just the engine. Based on the replies, it seems advised not to couple the existing Brat trans to the new engine. Correct?
  11. 1986 Subaru Brat, hasn't run well in two years. Presently not running at all. 2003 Subaru Outback next door is for sale~ very cheap, engine is good (2.5 L 4-cylinder) Will the engine from the Outback fit in the Brat? On a scale of 1-10; Degree of difficulty to complete the swap. The pic is my son trying to convince me how cool the Brat is~
  12. Searching a Subaru users group in Australia, I came across the following "fix" replacement part that they use on the "Brumby: Here's a link to the site: http://www.peelinstruments.com.au/index.html & here are the details of the part: CP30 Safety Switch This device is designed to turn off power to the Gas System when the engine stalls/turns off. The unit senses a Coil/Tacho pulse to provide power to the Gas System. Unit is capable of supplying an output of up to 12 amps. Unit is capable of picking up a faint pulse. Wiring- GND/NEG - Ground/Earth GAS+POS12V – Input 12 Volt power from Gas side of switch Lock Off+Pos Gas – Output 12V power to Gas Lock Off. NEG COIL - Tachometric Output Pulse/ Neg. Side of Coil. Any advice is much appreciated!~ Bratmobile
  13. Wow~great info for me to get started with. Much appreciated! If it ain't broke you're not trying...is that a Red Green quote?
  14. In my hands-on efforts, and research done thus far @USMB (thank you! great content, but nothing that I can interpret as a sure thing with my limited knowledge) I have a guess as to a likely cause for my 86 Brat not starting. Here's what I can tell you so far: New battery, cables, ignition coil, fusible links. (had a no-spark issue for a while, but that's been fixed) When I chased down the no spark problem I had, I replaced the ignition coil. Once that was done the IGN fuse would blow at every attempted start. My neighbor found a short (photo with the red wire nut, next to the carb) Now with this wire disconnected the fuse does not blow and for a while the car started and ran fine for a few weeks. But eventually it would not start (turns over, but would not run) So now I've determined that the car is not getting fuel at the carburetor, and there is no sound of the fuel pump initial kicking on when I turned on the ignition, (which I could always hear before). In checking the voltage at the fuel pump when turning the key, there is nothing. Also, checking fuses, none are blown. Direct wiring of the fuel pump to the battery and it kicks right on. The two big questions: In my install of the new ignition coil (and the disconnect of the wire by the carb) if I have any wiring incorrect, could that be a cause of voltage not getting to the Fuel pump? And, is there a way to take a meter to the FPCU off of the car and determine whether it's bad? The photo gallery section has the photos as well, with brief descriptions of what is there and what I'm trying to determine. My apologies for the long-windedness. I'm hoping that there are some good explanations to this, as my lack of car knowledge has most likely caused some of my problems. Thanks in advance!
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