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  1. Thanks fellas I am hoping to troubleshoot more this weekend and will post hopefully good news soon...
  2. Oh I forgot to mention but I had a belt slip off too earlier in the day which caused the car to die. I put it back on and everything ran fine but I did notice looser than normal belts as I've been messing with the carb. Not even sure if this could be related but thought I'd mention. Thanks again to anyone who takes the time to reply to this. It is appreciated.
  3. Ok so my daily driver is the beloved '86 gl wagon. 120K original miles. The stock hitachi original carb has run flawlessly since I've owned the car. I recently took the car where subaru's are at home on some pretty rough and rocky two-track desert roads. I banged her up a bit and lost two tires but happy to report I still have yet to get stuck in this car. Towards the evening I noticed that she was idling a little rough but she still ran out nicely down the freeway back home from wheeling. That is until I went to get off the freeway and she stayed pegged at very high rpm and I had to shut her off. When I started her up she still was pegged up to 4K rpm or so. I've always ran premium fuel and again never had a problem until now after roughing her up some. I've done little things like spray carb cleaner in the carb and check vaccuum lines and linkages but now I don't know where to continue troubleshooting? Is it possible something has rattled loose externally or is this a symptom of inner float or something? Should I just replace with a weber kit and if so which one? I'd appreciate any help, thoughts, comments and ideas. I love this car and need to get it back into daily driver status. Thanks in advance. Sawtooth
  4. So if a bad defrost "button" am I looking at replacing the whole dash control cluster? Same goes for the turn sig switch lever?
  5. Hi everyone- I recently picked up a '92 loyale with 142K and need some help troubleshooting a couple things. 1) Climate controls won't switch from blowing out the front vents. I have checked vacuum lines and traced them. I did find one broken tee near the intake but it didn't solve the problem after I replaced it with a new one dang it! 4WD light remains on and flickers when driving sometimes. I gotta figure this out as the mornings are getting colder here and soon I'll need full on defrost. 2) No turn signals. Nothing. I have checked all bulbs and replaced one front side marker bulb. Dim and bright headlights work. Tail. Reverse. No turns. They don't even light up. I'm out of ideas. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Also- If it points to the distributor as the problem here...I have an '87 GL complete parts car. It has the factory carb I believe. Will the distributor be compatible with the Loyale?
  7. Wow guys I sooooo appreciate all this quality info! I have yet to attack/troubleshoot my Loyale as I just got back from a weekend running around the Sawtooth Mountains in my dual range 89 GL. That thing is a mtn goat! I will study all this info and pick up my multi meter and spark tester and update my findings/progress. To answer rdweninger's question...yes, Seastom's is still here in Twin.
  8. OK, wow thanks for the quick replies. This site is my new best friend. Do I need special tools to remove the front struts and replace with new ones? Also the other items mentioned i need to replace should I do the salvage yard and replace with used or buy new? Expensive? Thanks again.
  9. I can hear the fuel pump pressurize or whatever each time i turn the key on but yeah, who knows when if ever it's been replaced. I will price them tomorrow and see if I can pick one up. Hurt dance...i love it! Yeah she does do that. Thx guys for responding.
  10. Yeah i guess camber is the right term. Sorry, i just said toe out because i couldn't think of how to best describe. How do you fix this issue? It's just on the front driver's wheel/tire.
  11. Hi USMB members- I just picked up an '89 GL wagon. The driver's side front tire is "toeing out" bad. I replaced the stabilizer bar underneath as it appeared bent but it did not fix. Alignment shop won't align and says it's either arm or strut but I think they truly didn't know. I like fixing my own stuff anyway but not sure what to do on this. Will a new strut solve this. I attached a picture I don't know how well it will show the toe-out. Nothing appears to be bent or out of the ordinary on the arm. Thanks in advance for any replies/advice.
  12. The dizzy...are you meaning distributor? Sorry, I'm not clear on what a dizzy is.
  13. Thanks for the reply and for helping me figure this out. Yes, it stumbles/lurches as it's dying. Yesterday it did it several times in a row and each time it was anywhere from 2-5 minutes wait time before starting back up but then it would only run for a few blocks and then do it again. Finally I was able to get it started and drive 7 miles back home with no issues. I should mention that six months ago when I first purchased the car I swapped out the headlight/turnsignal switch as it wouldn't engage my dims. I've read a few posts on here suggesting it may be something with ignition wiring? I do have a mulit-meter, how do I check my coil? Again, I appreciate the help.
  14. Hello USMB members. I'm fairly new to subarus but have a couple old wagons now and love them so it's time I I learn all I can and I really, really appreciate those of you who take the time to reply so thanks in advance. Ok, so 1991 Loyale, 5 speed, 4x4, 229k on body and unknown on the engine as it was swapped out prior to me owning it. The car always starts and has been running fine but recently has started dying/stalling on me as I'm running around town and then won't want to start. If I wait a few minutes or longer it will start again. I have replaced the fuel filter. When the fuel pumps go out on these wagons do they just go out or do they present these symptoms? Any ideas as to where to start troubleshooting? I really like this car and want to keep her going for years to come.