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  1. mike a

    Swapped GL-10 issues

    fixed the DR issue. still need to get defrost handled. thanks all! PROJECT INDEED.
  2. I have a project i've been working on, it's a gl-10 with a 2.2 swap, DR transmission, and some other goodies.. my issues are Defrost won't blow hot and, and there is cold air coming through the heater vents, when either on or off. Vacuum? Heater core? basically i get no hot air.. even more odd.. the previous owner installed a DR tranny in it.. well, when its in FWD its actually in 4hi, 4lo works normal, but when i spoob into 4hi, car goes into neutral, even if it is IN GEAR.. that may sound confusing.. its because it is. i can be in any gear 1-R, and if i put car in 4hi, it goes to neutral.. but when shifter is in fwd.. its in 4hi. thoughts?
  3. flywheel done thanks to Kris Gil-Night. i would love to drop that harness off!!!! i'll be working on rig over the weekend.. i did call ssi a couple days ago. i have a 94 wagon, outback struts and a big ugly brush guard on the front as well. this GL-10 is gonna be sweet. we gotta get a crew together and rally. but in the mean time i want to get it finished.. haha.. so.. wiring harness. digital dash, and the tach.. easier to get aftermarket tach than wire existing one? I'm also having a real hard time sourcing an obd2 harness and edu.. i have obd1 but rick said it was a pain in the rump roast.. but i might just have to go that route anyway.
  4. yeah sandy machine did my heads.. he said he doesn't have the right drill to do it.. thanks for the heads up.. this is the last little piece other than the damn wiring (not a little piece) pics coming soon.. lots to do still. any ideas on any other "mods" would be greatly appreciated
  5. also, its a swap so its an n/a 2.2 just need regular gauges.. but want something clean.
  6. nope mines a 94 wagon with a big brush guard.. lifted with forester rims. thanks for the heads up!!! know anyone that re drills flywheels? or that would have what i need for the swap? i have the adapter plate already
  7. so, to make wiring and what not easier.. i was wondering if i can swap out the digital GL-10 dash for a legacy/loyal/gl dash? and what are the best parts for the swap i.e. suspension, axles, performance, bolt on stuff from other models.. its a fl-10 thats already lifted.. lets make this thing a beast!!