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    Love my Subarus, being that there were only 30 made of the model I have (in NZ) makes things difficult parts wise!
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    1989 Subaru Omega Coupe GT
  1. thegeneral

    1989 Subaru Omega Coupe GT

    Ooh thanks for the heads up mate. Luckily I'm not too trigger happy with my ordering
  2. thegeneral

    1989 Subaru Omega Coupe GT

    Thanks guys, I'll give an RX cap a go. Just have to wait for the shipping darn it! The reason I'm replacing the cap is because the car is running really rough. I've checked the timing, replaced plugs, new HT leads, checked vacuum lines. Is there anything else I should check before I get into the injectors? And would anyone be willing to sell me an injector if they have a spare?
  3. Hi guys, Have recently bought my first Subaru here in New Zealand. From what I've read on Wikipedia, they changed the names for different markets, so I may have a rebadged Leone or Loyale. I'm really not sure, so I was hoping some of the experts here may be able to help. One of the problems I've encountered with this car is getting parts for it. If I go into an autoparts store and give them the exact model and even the numberplate to do the lookups off, every part that gets ordered in is wrong. When I ordered HT leads, they were far to short. Tried to order a distributor cap but the one that corresponds to my model in the parts book they use is a clip on, not screw in like mine. So I went to a Subaru wreckers, they gave me a cap that looked exactly the same, Hitachi and all, even off another Omega. But the width between the screw holes is 2mm too short, so it doesn't fit. As you can see in the pictures, the cap is in need of desperate replacement. I've seen dizzy caps on American websites, and I am hoping that if someone here can figure out what the equivelant of this car is in the American market, I may be able to buy one that will fit, using the make/model/year search on a site like this: http://www.partsgeek.com/mparts/distributor_cap/subaru.html I've included some pictures of the car, and the # of the distributor itself is this: 22100AA450 D4P86-01-A8206 A wreckers told me the last part (A8206) is a manufacture number or something, and is not important? Would love to know what you guys think, I'm in a bit of a pickle otherwise! Cheers, Logan PS: The car is running rough, hence me trying to eliminate the problem by replacing all the little things (spark plugs, HT leads, dizzy cap). If the cap isn't at fault, my next though it the fuel injection. If anyone has any input regarding fuel injection on this model, please speak up