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  1. RobUrban

    Not the standard strut lift question for a Legacy

    Sorry, like I said mechanically retarded. Ground clearance measured about 8 inches. I can get pics tonight. Thanks in advance for your help man.
  2. I just bought a 1996 Legacy L Wagon. I've done nothing to it yet(I'm mechanically retarded). I measured the clearance and it said 8 inches. My question, how do I tell if its already had the Outback struts installed? I work at a Chevy Dealership installing and repairing windshields, so I can put it on a lift to check underneath.
  3. My name is Rob I've just recently became a first time Subaru owner. 1996 Legacy L wagon to be exact. I'm here to talk with other owners and get tips on making it an offroad monster.