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  1. Typically, yes. Easy. Everything is pretty straight forward. Be able to safely lift the rig. Use a punch to bash out the retaining pin that holds the CV to the tranny. Possess the proper axle nut socket to pull 'er off. Possess the proper socket to unbolt the control arm nut. Then... Rip it out. Take new one, put it back in. There's plenty of youtube videos that'll give you the know-how to do this job comfotably. If you're not comfortable, find a buddy to help. Since you own a Soobie, this is a good job to know how to do. Best of luck.
  2. Ahhhh yes. CV-axle troubles. I have an '87 GL Wagon. Ft. a '93 Impreza tanny. Stock hubs drilled to 6. When it came time to replace a CVA.... An '87 GL CVA didn't fit. A '93 Impreza CVA didn't fit. However, an '87 GL-10 (turbo) CVA fit like... Play-dough perfectly moulded into tupper-ware..... My point...? Sometimes it simply takes trial and error to find the right part. Be certain you're purchasing through a company with a decent return policy. All of my questions regarding what I mentioned above were answered here at USMB. With that said, it sounds like you're on the right path. Best of luck.
  3. BoxerRebellion

    ej22 headers?

    And the fortune cookie says... "custom exhaust is in your future."
  4. It's Friday folks. And with a new weekend, comes a new Scoob-Related question. To all of the high voltage gurus out there... My pillar-gauges are bright as can be. Driving at night with the most neon-of-light smashing into your eyeballs can be a struggle. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there must be something that can be wired inline to dim the brightness? Yah? Perhaps a... Resistor? That would limit power, resulting in dimmer lighting, correct? What could be wired inline, to dim aftermarket Autometer pillar gauges? Much appreciation in advance.
  5. BoxerRebellion

    Loving the 14' Rex !

    First things first. Exhaust!
  6. BoxerRebellion

    One brake light quit working

    Sounds silly, but make sure the bulb is in correctly. Having the offset "side posts" or "terminals" allows for only one proper fit.
  7. BoxerRebellion

    Harbor Freight tools to avoid or not expect much from

    Since we're on the topic... Didn't have much luck with the 24 toothperinch hacksaw blades. Teeth bent on the double. 50 for $5.00! Hard to say no. http://www.harborfreight.com/12-inch-24-tpi-hacksaw-blades-50-pack-37155.html
  8. BoxerRebellion

    Need Help for my new navigation item

    Well, being that you posted this two months ago... And apparently created a profile just to ask... You probably don't need any info anymore. With that said, it appears to me that your device comes with an iPod cable. The prettiest way to use that cable, would be to string it through your trunk. Plug your iPod in, select iPod track on your nav device. Voila.
  9. You have an '09 that needs control arm bushings? That genuinely surprises me. Some hack didn't tell you right? This guy didn't tell you which bushing(s) needs replacing? Both front control arms? In the end, if you truly do need to replace any bushing - nab some polyurethanes from Energy. That's what I'd do. Not if it's one side though. That'd be undesireable. Poke your head down there and try to identify what this guy's talking about. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  10. Well. This is a good thread to read being that I'm replacing both front ball joints next week.
  11. BoxerRebellion

    My 88 Hatch "Monster"

    Awesome. Thanks for taking the time to share this photos. As we all know, the photo process from camera to website, can be rather tedious.
  12. BoxerRebellion

    My new 93 loyale sedan

    Congrats. I've had good times in Loyales. Couple Loyales actually.
  13. BoxerRebellion

    History of USMB

    This was very cool to see. My gratitude goes out to the guys who to it upon themselves to start USMB. As well as to everyone who worked hard to keep it alive to this day. So guys like me, over a decade later could come join this Subie-Brigade and share/learn/inform. Thank you all.
  14. Grab a multi-meter and chase it. Also, on top of simply physically verifying that fuses aren't blown, check them for voltage with the ignition "ON" That'll start the "chase" then go from there. Find out what fuse the ICM is on, trace it from there. (I realize, it's a pain) I don't know for certain regarding it's location, sorry. There could also potentially be a bad ground somewhere.
  15. BoxerRebellion

    New 1987 Subaru GL wagon owner

    Welcome Yagster. I too have an '87 GL wagon. We're all gearheads here at varying levels of gearheadedness. I've had multiple questions answered here... That I more than likely would not have been able to obtain anywhere else. Congrats on becomming a Subie owner.