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  1. Have you ever heard of a dealer doing what you suggest, when they are the one's recommending full block replacement?
  2. 86bratman, No mods have been done to this car. Just routine, regular servicing by Subaru mechanics.
  3. Anyone else experience a turbo-induced blown engine? Our 2007 Sports 2.5XT suffered a blown engine last week as I was driving from San Francisco to Long Beach, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of similar events with other Turbo XT's. The dealer's mechanics where I had it towed to had to do an engine tear-down, and found that cylinder 4 was trashed, with a big chunk of it loose (Picture attached). Their opinion is that, since this cylinder works most closely with the turbo unit, the cylinder was constantly overheating. (Note: I'm not a car techie, so I realize my description may lack proper details, but I'm going by what I've been told over the phone.) Metal fatigue due to over heating apparently is the specific cause of the failure The engine block is not repairable. The dealer has quoted me a total price over $6000 complete repair. I am talking to Subaru America, as I am disappointed that the engine design may be partially responsible for this massive failure. Does anyone know of other turbos causing engine block failure? This Sports 2.5XT has got 136K miles, and has only been serviced by Subaru garages. We got it new in 2007. All driving has been on streets and highways. We still have a 1999 Forester (non-turbo), which chugs along nicely with about 150,000 K.