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  1. Yeah haha, only things I am missing are the two vacuum solenoids, which isn't too much of an issue.
  2. ^ That actually reminds me of the other thing I did recently haha, bought an rx driveline for future use in my wagon. 5speed dual range diff lock, rear lsd. Cost a fair bit, but hey, they're still printing money. http://puu.sh/lTJxq/3edfbf53e8.jpg http://puu.sh/lTJyZ/75db7b160b.jpg http://puu.sh/lTJyq/dc4e43345f.jpg
  3. Got my recaro seats installed, finally. Unfortunately they sit too high for my liking. I should of taken more off of the base but i wanted to keep a brace that went across them. Ahh well, they are comfy. Also got tyres on my mag wheels, finally. Pictures http://puu.sh/lSNpC/a353944253.jpg http://puu.sh/lSNsy/609a62e4af.jpg http://puu.sh/lSNuR/264472c6f3.jpg http://puu.sh/lSNw4/40d0b7a38c.jpg http://puu.sh/lSNwV/cce2b44003.jpg http://puu.sh/lSNyK/42b0fda8cb.jpg http://puu.sh/lSNz8/be78227dfd.jpg
  4. Tom0

    Subaru boat

    A few lads here in New Zealand did just this with an imprezza, removed rear diff, fabricated prop/mount, stripped interior, sealed it as much as they could, made it somewhat boatlike. http://www.carscoops.com/2015/05/amphibious-subaru-impreza-from-new.html
  5. Tom0

    DOHC EA82 (Aviation)

    Haven't heard of any, but most likely is. aviation stuff tends to cross borders pretty easily. Not sure if the company is still supplying information about them for belts, set up etc.
  6. Tom0

    84 4wd Touring wagon

    There's a guy wrecking a few old leones up your way http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=992273419 Not sure if any of it might be of use to you. He was good to deal with. Wish I had the room and skills you're displaying haha. Keep up the great work
  7. Tom0

    1987 EA82 carbureted

    Could be a timing belt?
  8. I don't wish to hijack this thread, but i was wondering about a fwd legacy gearbox in an ea81? Likely to have the same issue?
  9. Tom0

    Ea82t head bolts to studs

    could try going to a machine shop to make some up? I would think (tentatively) that they could do it cheaper then that.
  10. Tom0

    84 4wd Touring wagon

    Just keep at it man, should be a beaut once its done. What part of NZ are you in?
  11. I think you need to have the wire labled starter hooked up? Shows that the car is cranking/trying to crank. And i dont think the charge light should flash when cranking?
  12. Ahh, you must of bought those 2 leone wagons that were for sale? that one and the camo one. If only I didnt already have too many.
  13. Yeahhh, poor old girl, not the best way to do it. Still searching for help with that ecs light too. Cheers
  14. Ahh, the two relays main power and fuel pump are the big 2, then the wires going to gauges i think. Just make sure to have a wiring diagram when you strip it, and label everything when you remove the harness, and take your time with it tracing wires. With the gearboxes, Took the transfer case off them both, split the cases on them both, took everything out of the leone one cleaned it up in kero, took everything out of the legacy one, cleaned the legacy cases, brought new seals for it and 2 input shaft bearings, then started puting it back together so it had leone shifter forks/shafts, leone gears, leone diff. Had to grind where the legacy case has a hole for a detent ball and spring on the dual range selector to make the leone one clear. Then once the cases were together again I had to set the diff up so i followed the subaru instructions on that (pre-load and backlash) So, its not really for the faint of heart but if you've dealt with bearings/seals before have a dti handy to measure backlash and can follow subarus instructions its not impossible. *disclaimer* Still havent moved my car with ej and gearbox more then a couple of metres so yeah haha. I made the somewhat mistake of using a 93 ej20 non-turbo, which dont have a knock sensor or o2 sensor, although I'm sure the wires are in the harness And i havent got it certified yet, but i dont think there will be too much problem.
  15. "Proof" I'm not crazy and this cel light hates me? 12V on multimeter http://puu.sh/i4ssl/0427bc1fd8.jpg Bulb not lighting up http://puu.sh/i4st3/446226f23c.jpg