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  1. yeah i saw it.. just had to get back in the rythm after fighting my timing issues. thanks for the info. im sure its a donor trans put in by someone who did not know about different gear ratios. kinda sucks because the trans is actually in great shape when in 2wd. complete with shiny blue new t/c installed. gonna be time to get back to work this weekend. it was too cold last couple of months to poke around outside............yes it gets cold in vegas......at least for this Arizona-raised guy. i dont know how some of you do it in your sub freezing climates....power to ya!!
  2. all tires are the same but does look like trans was rebuilt or swapped. on close inspection it has been painted with silver metallic. Most likely it was swapped out with a cleaned up and painted trans. the torque converter looks new tho. You may be right. i was thinking it could also be loose differential gears on both axles along with old rear cv axles. just having a hot mess of play in the rear end might cause it but your reply makes more sense. how many gear setups were available in this trans? gonna just do the swap of the trans and rear diff. only grey area is separating the torque converter from engine. not much room in there
  3. before i condemn the transmission i wanted to post the symptoms and verify. the 4wd fuse was in keeping it in 2wd. i pulled it and the trans was acting like it wanted to rattle apart. both rear control arm supports were roached so i replaced them first. then the transmission mounts were gone too so they were replaced. then i pulled the 4wd fuse and it ran fine for about 5 minutes. the transmission then began to shake and give power jolts to the front right wheel almost as if the brakes were bieng applied. i put the fuse back and it runs and shifts like an old tranny should but with a little vibration. the rear end makes a lot of noise so i will be swapping that too. funny how i have a wrecked 94 that ran like a dream but looked hideous and a 92 that has no cosmetic flaws but feels like bo and luke duke had a go at the drive train. just want to hear some possible causes before i go and switch trans and diff.
  4. I used the starter from my 4mt dr on m y 5mt dr. used ea81 head washers as shim. they work perfectly. also converted dash top ashtray to miniguage cluster on the 78 brat. turn the three gauge mount upside down and tack it on to the ashtray metal frame. same size!! then cover with your choice of sheet metal. I also welded a nut on the back of the trans mission shift shaft driver. i replaced so many pins and the hole always gets worn out. now i just tighten a 12mm bolt with a lock nut that pushes against the shaft. it has not had any play since. the brat can run in low range when not in 4wd by unattaching the linkage and using a cable set up to shift from low to high (towing on pavement purpose) rear defrost is totally gone on the wagon. never waste a switch.......rear cargo light installed using exhisting wiring
  5. bertmann73

    EA81 Valve Replacement

    sounds like hydro lifters to me too. valve lash should increase as cam and push rods wear i have not seen a hydro ea81 yet but have torn down and adjusted plenty of chevy v-8s in my day. to adjust hydros we used to tigten the rocker down until the play was gone on the push rod. then back the rocker off an eighth turn
  6. bertmann73

    Lifting the Loyale 8" ?

    ej22 all the way.I have grown very fond of that little die hard engine. i plan on converting the 79 pretty soon. may even swap in the legacy suspension too.
  7. yes a mount could be the problem too. the transmission will push down upon acceleration and will pull up in reverse or deceleration. i have that problem on my 92 legacy right now. just waiting for part to arrive.
  8. also check and see if they tapped the center nut into the locking groove on the shaft to keep it from working loose.
  9. I like to add a half bottle of trans x before a change and drive it bout 50 miles. i dont use the whole bottle because it has ether in it to revitalize the seals. if they over swell they can fail so only half bottle then fluid change. also if the trans pan has been bumped or bottomed out you may have a dent in it causing restriction to filter inlet. this happened on my 97 impreza. i fixed the pan and changed the fluid and problems went away
  10. agreed. 2.2 is a great engine with decent power. the imprezas that came with the 2.2 are the best looking model in my opinion the driving experience of a Subaru is unparalleled. i too would love a turbo, but dont have the finance or time to get married to one. the 2.2 gives me alot of pleasure and is very reliable.....cheap fuel also keeps me happy
  11. nicely said. i have been in the market for a turbo forester automatic. a bit pricey, but that would be my next purchase indeed. there are legacy turbos also and they are often priced less than the wrx or sti. and like panhead states...its all in your driving habits. my daughter fills up her wrx once for 2 weeks. when i drive it............never mind. I stick with subarus for the simple fact that they are easy to work on, all wheel drive and the fact that i now can not live without the rumble of a boxer engine!!
  12. if you have no flow in the radiator when hot that would be the thermostat. sounds like its starting to open late due to deformed spring
  13. Thanks to all who replied. I just finished the front u-joint. it went in exactly as described. thanks for the detailed description. i took the grinder and delicately cut the joint out. i then popped all the caps out with a 16mm socket which i found went through snugly snapping the stakes off as it wnt through. i then scored the socket with the grinder making a perfect honing tool to grind them smooth using the socket adaptor on my drill. as i removed the joint i noticed that they are in fact hollow and caps can be drilled to install zerk fittings I will be adding a zerk fitting to the middle joint as it seems to still be in good shape if anyone wants to attempt this i would advise that it be done from the bottom and with plenty of wd40 or honing oil to avoid any shards getting in the joint. use a center punch on the selected cap and the right size bit for the zerk fitting( dont know yet the size) then use a threading tap with lots of oil so the shards run down and away. these shafts are costly so this is a good low cost mod to the shaft to avoid the bearings drying out.
  14. went to site but wanted they wanted 13 for shipping. did e-bay search and found them for 22. ordered one for now to replace front. if all goes well i will order the other 2. Thanks again