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  1. Glad I read all the posts and advice on torque bind. Was originally told I would need to have the clutch pack replaced. First, I had the tires rotated, balanced, and measured which is often the cause of the binding if they are off- didn't help. Then I drove it in tight circles over and over which helped a ton. Had the differential and transmission fluids changed and it's completely gone. Transmission fluid was old and gunky. Looks like the clutch pack will go out at some point, but I figure it will be a couple of years. Thanks for all the great posts.
  2. Have a 97 Legacy Outback Wagon. Problem is when turning very slow, such as in parking lots or when pulling into or out of the garage. It feels "clunky" for lack of a better term, like something is pulling a bit, and feels as though its coming from the rear. No problems when turning at normal speeds, only when going slow. Ideas as to what this might be?