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  1. I've got 60k miles on a no name $80 clutch kit from rockauto. Only installed it because I had a bad pilot bearing, and had it apart. That's more than I would say it owes me for $80.
  2. Ionstorm66

    Unusual A/C configuration, 90 loyale

    I was told the metric belt thing by dealtech in Colorado a long time ago. Could have just been BS to say that they didn't fit from the get go. That car had ice cold AC until the day it was so rusted I was too scared to drive.
  3. Ionstorm66

    Unusual A/C configuration, 90 loyale

    They had dealer fitted AC to keep the cars in a smaller tax bracket for import. It's very common on the base models. I've only seen it on DL FWDs.
  4. Ionstorm66

    Unusual A/C configuration, 90 loyale

    There there brands of compressors. Hitachi, Panasonic and Denso. If I remember correct the Hitachi was the factory, with Panasonic and Denso being the dealer installed. I had a 89 2WD DL Sedan with that setup. The previous owner had installed a belt from the power steering to the AC only. Which was great, everytime you turned the AC on you lost power steering. Perfect for defrosting in the winter! You have to get an actual metric belt for it to work easily. They are NOA in the states as far as I could tell. I ended up with in size smaller belt. To get it on I pulled the alternator, unbolted the ac compressor. Then put the alternator belt just hanging on the pulleys, then put the ac belt on all 4. Then with some help, bolted the ac compressor up. Then reinstalled the alternator, and tightened up the belts. This lasted 40k+ until I sold it after the 3 speed started acting up.
  5. Ionstorm66

    91 Subaru Loyale Starting Issues

    You can unscrew the switch from the back of the key cylinder, and clean the contacts in there. The starter has its own solenoid, but that still draws 20A peak. This can causes the contacts in the key switch to wear out. Adding a relay removes the high current from the NLA hard to replace key switch, to a cheap relay you can get at any parts store.
  6. Ionstorm66

    Limited slip front?

    Ive seen off road guys split the e-brake to two handles. Let's you lock up a rear tire if it's off the ground, or to turn tighter on a trail.
  7. Ionstorm66

    91 Subaru Loyale Starting Issues

    So the 4 wires in that box are fusible links. One is the main battery feed, one is the alternator, one is the accessory power, and one is the key on power. You can get modern fuses to replace them, as they are prone to failing at this age. The fuses fit perfectly in the stock case. The are FMX style, and I did the conversion for the correct size. They should match the stock link colors, but mine had no wire insulation left when I got it. I would pull all the fuses and links, and then see if there is still current flowing through the switch. Then add them one by one until it goes away. Also you can pull the switch off of the key cylinder and clean the contacts. They are famous for going bad, especially the starter ones. I added a relay inline with my key switch. So no power flows through the key switch itself.
  8. Yep you only adjust the idle screw with the engine warmed up and the IAC unhooked.
  9. Dose the RPM perk up with the AC on? Sounds like a vacuum leak. Also that is odd, I just went and tested, my SPFI Loyale idles fine without the CTS.
  10. That picture is of a GL-10 wagon. It has air suspension and MPFI.
  11. All three cars I have just have the cubby, no trim around the shifters. I have a 88DL, 88GL and a Loyale here, and the shifter boot just goes into the floor. They are all 4wd mt5's
  12. It may of skipped a tooth on the timing belt. You can pull the timing covers and just check both cams if the marks still line up. Try unplugging the CTS, it's the two wire coolant sensor.
  13. Ionstorm66

    EA82 replacement PCV/vacuum hose

    I would love to see the actual specs for the tubing, considering that PVC pipe derate is around 90% at under hood temperatures. Flexible PCV would have even more plasticizer than rigid, thus even lower temperature ratings. 200°F is way to high for any PVC tubing.
  14. Ionstorm66

    EA82 replacement PCV/vacuum hose

    Where are you seeing spec for the clear hose?
  15. What was the first year they offered 5 speeds?