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  1. Ionstorm66

    Better valve cover grommets?

    TBO they are so easy to change when the engine is clean, it isn't worth waiting untill they leak.
  2. So the old wagons came with rear cargo lights in the hatch area. It lists as the same part as a first gen Forester. Part number 84671GA011 Anyone try to install one into a Loyale? I doubt there is the wiring, but I would imagine the mount is there.
  3. Ionstorm66

    $20 windshield moldings

    I just looked up the part number Chrome: Precision WKT 499 C Black: Precision WKT 499 B
  4. Ionstorm66

    Vinyl dye/paint on the interior

    Dupli-Color Vinyl and Fabric Coating in Medium Blue. Got it at O'Reilly's. I just scotch brited them and washed with soap. I'm really amazed at how well it stuck. I plan on doing the dash pad in place.
  5. Ionstorm66

    Vinyl dye/paint on the interior

    Here is the mirror trim. You can't even tell the color is off with the vinyl next to it. Original color:
  6. So my dash is extremely sun beaten and a few other parts I've replaced because the blue was cracked. My parts car has great plastics but it's brown. So I decided to give this paint/dye stuff a try. The color on the can cap was way off, but the end product is so close once it's all done you won't be able to tell. I put 2 coats on both parts and after 4 hours of drying I can't scratch it off with a finger nail or plastic trim tool Left is the painted and right is the original with the cap: Original with painted next to it: Painted one installed: The under side of the painted one:
  7. Ionstorm66

    Best source for axles?

    Yeah the Beck and OE come with almost to much grease I filled the cups before putting the balls in. It filled the outers to the brim, and the inners over half way. Put some on the balls as I assembled them, and added some on the outside after they were in the cup. I had so much it was pushing out the boots as I installed them. Also mine were definitely rebuilt OE axles. There were hammer marks were someone missed trying to take the outers apart. Everything seemed good other than a single ball on the inner cv seems smaller than the rest. Will see how they last. My passenger side is Subaru and drivers is Beck. Not that fair as the passenger side gets all the heat. Also dear god dose it make a mess! I went though 4 sets of gloves an axle, plus 20+ paper towels, and 1/2 gallon of diesel to wash them.
  8. Ionstorm66

    Better valve cover grommets?

    Can't really over tighten them as they are a shouldered bolt that you bottom out into the head. They have gotten some soap and water cleaning the engine bay. The passenger side got degreaser when the axle blew a boot, but the drivers are just as bad.
  9. I have been having issues with valve cover grommets. I replaced them when I did the valve cover gaskets last year. Was felpro set that included grommets. Those lasted about 3 months and started cracking. I replaced them with the ones out of my Apex engine gasket set. They lasted about 2 months. I then ordered the Beck Arnley grommets and after 6 months they are cracking. None of them have leaked, but if the are splitting they aren't far from leaking. I ordered some of the $4 a pop Subaru grommets and I'll see how they hold up.
  10. Ionstorm66

    So clean inside my EA81

    Looks like the opposite of my poor 120K EA82. I think it has more oil changes after I got it, then before. You could scratch off the sludge with a finger nail. These pics were after I did 2 engine flushes on it. I didn't get any before picks because my hands were too dirty.
  11. Never worked on a carbed EA, but it looks like the wires for an electric choke. They have a coil inside that heats up with 12v, and it opens the choke as it heats up. That way the choke stays on longer in the cold, and shorter in the heat. Also you get no choke on hot starts.
  12. Also not to mention the bearings are sealed. The weep hole goes between the 2 sets of bearings. So dirt and grime getting into the weep hole dose nothing for the bearings unless the bearings are already shot. The weep hole let's you know the water seal has failed and water is being pushed though the seals on the inner bearing. Only way they would be failing at 20K is if you had a bad fan or v belt causing vibration. The weep hole would have nothing to do with that.
  13. Ionstorm66

    Best source for axles?

    So I got the OE boots in the mail as well as the Becks. They are much thicker than the Dorman, but not as stretchy. The Beck and OE look the same, and both came with circlips. Also they came with easily twice as much grease as the Dorman.
  14. Ionstorm66

    EA82 no start. Help please!

    That will do it. I always pull the boot back, insert the the wire into the cap, then slide the boot down.
  15. Yep I use the offbrand ones on beaters, and real ones on nice things. Also some 8-10 AWG weatherpacks for high current are nice to have. Also lots of OEM connectors can be repined, but finding the pins can be hard. Google can find them most of the time.