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  1. Something similar happened to my father-in-law's Baja when he had it. He was on a bike trip in Maine and someone stole his gas door cover.
  2. Yes I’ll make sure to not do that. I know how little space there is between the pan and the solenoids.
  3. I have done the 3x drain and fill with the trans x when I bought the car which helped a lot but never went fully away. I figured it was gonna need a transmission hence why i have a spare. Besides this this car has been the cheapest car I have owned more so then my legacies and my forester
  4. Hey everyone I have a 97 obs with 270,000 miles and it has an issue when I let off the pedal. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does the car does not respond when I press the gas for a second or two and then it will thud into gear. When it's doing this it feels almost like it braking and the rpms drop slowly. Just so you know I have owned this car near 4 years and have put over 80,000 miles on it. The brakes, calipers, drums, and shoes have been replaced over time. It has been doing this since the day I drove it home. The transmission fluid was a thick black sludge almost when I first for it and besides happening on and off had never been a issue but I have noticed it getting more and more frequent. I have a spare transmission was just wondering if anyone else had a thought of what it could be. Thanks
  5. When I had my 92 legacy it was doing the same thing and it ended up being the tie rods.
  6. I have a 2005 Subaru forester that is mifiring so much that if I put it in gear it cuts off within a few seconds. The misfire is on cylinder 4. I have replaced the plug wires in had I had an obvious break in the cylinder 4 wire and this got rid of the misfire originally. It's my 3rd car so it's only driven once or twice a week and it sat for over 3 months due to the brake lines going out. It ran rough after sitting but cleared up and it's been driven with no problem since until now. The wires were NGK
  7. There is a o-ring on the bottom of the reservoir where it goes into the pump and that is usually where they leak from. They aren't too hard to replace I was able to pull the pump and reservoir and reseal the pump and reservoir in about 2 hrs.
  8. They should cover it. I took my 2005 forester in recently for the control arm recall and they replaced them. If it's a recall then they have to replace it.
  9. My 97 Impreza was doing the exact same thing and it was a combo of the battery post being broken and the battery cables being corroded. If you haven’t gone through and checked them I would you can’t always tell by a cursory glance their condition.
  10. Thanks bushwick for the video I'll take a look at my evap canister and go through my vaccum hoses for leaks.It does leak coolant out of the passenger head gasket right onto the exhaust. I check coolant level and all fluid level once a week or more depending on how often I drive the car. The forester is my back up car so it only is driven once or twice a week at the moment. It only drains the reservoir in about 5000 miles of driving I do check the actual radiator and hasn't been low yet.
  11. So since cleaning it all up I haven't seen any more signs of coolant in the spark plug holes. The only issues now are if I turn my vents on outside air I get an overwhelming coolant smell that doesn't happen if I have it on recirculation. Also I have some check engine codes p0171, p0457, and p1443 these came up shortly after I replaced the plug wires. And every once in awhile I have to hold the gas pedal down to start the car after full up.
  12. I hope I am not some 11 year old lol! I bought the car back in September the previous owner passed away and I bought the car from his daughter who said the car sat from April 2017 til I bought it in September before that she drove until she bought a new car. I have stacks of papers on the work done to the car I would have to look through but I know the radiator was replaced shortly before it sat as well as the entire steering system. The head gaskets leak but not too bad it burns and leaks about 2.5 quarts in 5000 miles. It runs great except when it rained and it would misfire. With new wires that doesn't seem to be an issue anymore. I also replaced the coolant back in October when I had to replace the oil cooler lines that were rusted. The control arms and axles were replaced a few months ago.
  13. I checked the radiator and it is full the overflow was low so I topped it off. The coolant was seeping out of the spark hole for cylinder 2. The rest of them had coolant not as much as two.
  14. Just changed the oil before I pulled them there was no coolant in the oil and all four of them had coolant the worst was cylinder 2 spark plug wire