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  1. If you care about your pets, please stop the leak.
  2. Its so bad where I am near Canada in the salt belt,I had to throw away bushings and tensioners,to keep from seizeing, and lots of grease.
  3. When it comes to lug nuts, I use a torque wrench, mostly so Roters don't warp.
  4. Oh and take Sparks out first just in case it is hydro lock, you don't want to bend a piston connecting rod,been there done that!
  5. Radiater fans are easy to remove,giving you more room to turn engine,make sure in neutrel
  6. Bring sample to salvage yard and match up.
  7. Mine jumped a couple of teeth,so I put a belt gaurd on it,never happend again,mostly for standerd trans cars.
  8. Thank you GD FOR EVERY WORD you said,I hope others will recognize your talent.
  9. I may be wrong on this,but I put dielectric grease on my boot connections,maybe some else will chime in here.
  10. Have you measure how much resistance in plug wires?
  11. How are you testing for spark? NGK plugs and wires?