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  1. Thanks for the input guys. CWP8, Yes it does still have the hitachi, ive heard from meany people that weber is the way to go. If i cant solve this myself then that may be what i look into next, that or a EFI swap. And it will die when i first start it, i have to pump it a couple times to keep it going but once i overcome that it idles quite nicely. GLoyale, im really not sure if i did. I took the carb apart and ran air through all the crevices i could find, but i am not very familiar with carbs and probsbly did not get those thoroughly. The previous owner left the car to sit for a year and a half so im sure there could be some old gas buildup stuck in there. Djellum, I do have vacuum hoses out of place,i recently found some sort of device that isnt connected to anything, one end having been broken off. It would be nice if i could find someone in socal with an ea81 to look at for reference, i have a chilton but its a challenge to decipher. but for now i am faced with a bigger problem, i went to start the brat this morning and turned the key- didnt turn over, like it had no charge. I waited a couple minutes, tried again, and the whole car shut off. no lights, gauges went to 0, ECS light is off, horn wont even work. no blown fuses, new battery is properly grounded. I'm getting issue after issue, this thing is driving me crazy.
  2. Ive got an ongoing issue with my 1985 brat, it fights and hesitates when i gibe it gas, sometimes stalling the engine. If i very lightly tap the pedal, its fine. If i floor it, it will hesitate very briefly and then rev up properly. Its right in the middle where i have the most problems, the position you would use most for daily driving. Ive rebuilt and cleaned the carburetor (my first time, i may have missed the problem here) and the problem persists. Changed spark plugs, distributor cap and even added a little fuel additive, but im not getting any improvements. It isnt so much of a problem when the car is warmed up, but i dont have 7 or so minutes to spare every time i need to get somewhere. Anything i should be checking that ive missed? A simple solution right in front of me? Ive even considered a FI manifold and ecu transplant if it means the car will run fine again. I will try to add a link to a video of the problem when i m off work tonight.
  3. the book says if you have a 1.8 liter it uses the dcz 328, i didnt think about the ea82 i assumed it would be the carb under my hood. my fault really, as i said before i should have looked into it a bit more.
  4. That looks much more accurate, gaskets match up much better. I should have done more research than just go with what the chilton said, damn book. Thanks guys hope this works so i can get my car up an running again
  5. Hey whats up guys, I have a 1985 brat 4wd and im in the process of rebuilding the carburator. I thought i had a dcz 328, but when the rebuild kit arrived i realized the gaskets dont match up. I searched around but cannot find a straight up answer as to which carb i really have and which rebuild kit i need. Id rather not waste more money on kits i cant use, can anyone help me out?
  6. Hey guys just joined a few days ago, im new to the subaru community as i just picked up a 1985 brat. Its got 383k on the clock and rising as its my only vehicle. I hope to bring some life back to this old beater truck and learn some more about cars in general, ill need all the help i can get- young car enthusiast in the works. Ill post pics soon, thanks usmb!
  7. 85 brat, 383k on the odometer. Not in its best condition but it still runs