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    This is my first car, its not perfect but I already love it.
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    1999 30th anniversary edition legacy wagon L 2.2
  1. My 99 legacy was bought for 1800. It might be worth a bit more but not much. The only reason i was okay with that is the issues were all minor, small rust but the frame was fine and it has 173k on it and runs smooth. Ill put money into it cause i plan on having it a long time. Thats a train wreck, run away.
  2. Well its been pretty damn cold Herr too, good to know I'm not alone with the milage, that'll save me money if its fine when it warms up.
  3. The check engine light is on however thats registering for bad solenoids in the fuel tank. And i dont know how long since the plugs and wires were replaced, i got it used in october and the guy i got it from didnt change the plugs and he got it to fix and sell. Soooo its probably been a while. Can bad plugs really do all that? And fuel filter??
  4. So my legacy should be getting around 20 mpg city but is only getting about 15. It also has the slight smell of gas when you start it first thing in the morning but that goes away after you start driving. I looked around and the most likely suggestion was a bad o2 sensor. What do you all think of this diagnosis or any other ideas? I can answer any questions to help out.
  5. Oh god that's so freaking weird, well then it's at 600 which isn't bad, and I'll clean the IACV sometime, thanks!
  6. Have 1999 legacy wagon 30th anniversary edition. Runs pretty well for 173k miles on it and pretty sturdy. Only thing I wonder about is it idles around 200 rpm and shakes just a bit. But accelerates normally, even from idle and runs fine other than that. Any knowledge on what it should idle at?
  7. So a little while ago I was having idling issues on my legacy and it would stall out on occasion. However it I found out there was a rubber plug missing on the casing for one of the air filters, I sealed the hole (why they put the hole there in the first place I don't know) and it stop stalling and now works fine, however it still bothers me that it idles really low, only about 200 rpm, and somewhat rough too when the engine warms up. It doesn't cause any issues however its clearly to low, so im thinking about cleaning the idle air controller (there's about 172k miles on the car) and sooner or later getting new plugs and tips for i, will this up the idle and make it smoother? any other suggestions?
  8. Yeah it very well may be an issue with the vacuum hose, because in the morning when the engine is cold and I'm in the driveway the idle is fine but when the engine warms up the idle starts being irregular. The hose would make sense as the crack mug be small until the hose warms up too and then the crack expands.
  9. It also may help to know that occasionally when sitting there with the rough idle, it may jump back up to about 750-1000 rpm for a second then drop back down
  10. So i bought this car last weekend and there were no problems with it. it sat for a few days while it waited to get registered. I drove it a little the day it got registered and the next day it started having problems. It drives great with 172,xxx miles on it but it has a really slow rough idle. it idles between 200 and 250 rpm and the interior and dash lights flicker and it shakes. it has stalled out twice at red lights but i had no problem starting it up again. PLEASE HELP. I have no idea whats wrong with it but I have very little money to spend on fixing it. All input is appreciated im feeling like this right now.