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  1. jagerfiend

    Subaru Loyale o2 Sensor Question

    I just relooked up the part. Part of the problem was that i was looking for a three wire bundle/connector. I guess i clicked legacy on accident instead of loyale when looking for parts. whoops. Since i wasnt able to find much info on the web for this specific problem I am going to try and follow through with a few more pictures and such to help out anybody else that might run into this. Updates tomorrow. Thank you for the information wagonist and milesfox. Much appreciated. Edit: I believe the wire pictured above is the one that i was looking for.
  2. jagerfiend

    Subaru Loyale o2 Sensor Question

    Took another look at it. wouldnt happen to be this broken wire would it?
  3. I bought this Subaru about 2 weeks ago for a couple hundred bucks on a rainy dark night. Ran, shifted, and stopped just fine. Bought it and drove it around until i had to registar it. Then i started poking around. To the point: Can somebody provide me with a picture of the o2 sensor plug/location? I have been tracing wires on and off for a while and cant seem to find where the o2 sensor connects into the harness. The wires coming off of the sensor itself have definitely been cut off, but i wouldnt this they would have cut the harness as well... Im starting to wonder if the previous owner chopped it off when they swapped in a new engine. (Still an ea82 Spfi) Much appreciated.
  4. Hey everybody! New to these forums but not new to forums. I live in the greater Portland, Oregon area and cars/trucks are a big part of my life. I am going to school for diesel service technology and have been wrenching on rigs since i was about 14. I bought the Subaru i own now as a commuter. It was an ideal fit because i was giving up driving my lifted Toyota and i didnt have to lose 4x4 I know my way around a car and how to use the search function lol. However i havent really done alot of work on Subaru's before. Hopefully i will be able to contribute to this community as much as i know i am going to learn from all of you. Happy wrenching!