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    Not currently an owner but considering an older model to use and pass on to son. Dad owned an early 80's GL which gave us intrepid service.
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  1. Wondering what one can look for in the EJ22 to get an idea on the overall condition of the motor. Outside of trying to hand-turn the crank, what do you look for?
  2. Nice work there. Thanks for the link!
  3. Saw an interesting local ad for a 1995 Outback with the 2.5. Only 155k miles. I have not checked the car out yet but I have gotten conflicting info about whether or not that motor was offered for the '95. Is the owner mistaken?
  4. gargrai

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    Just wondering if I picked up a 2.5 Forester say for cheap that needed work and did a 2.2 swap -what the swap would run me. Looks like a reman 2.2 would cost me about 3k maybe. Would love to try a rebuild myself but time is in short supply with kids... Thanks for the input Boxer.
  5. gargrai

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    Great info. Thank you. i will start to keep my eyes open in my area. What can one expect to pay for a rebuilt EJ22? Right now I have a Volvo XC70 which is a great car but insanely complicated and expensive to fix/maintain --even for someone that likes to get his hands dirty.
  6. New member here. Don't own a Subaru at this point, but have loved them since I learned to drive stick on my dad's '81 GL hatchback. Have lurked a bit before joining --gathered some intel on what to look for in buying a car from the mid-late 90's era, so thanks for the info all. From what I read, it looks like the EJ22 is the motor I want to look for, especially if I go for a high mileage car. Two questions: Was that motor ever put in an Outback or a Forester? Or was is mostly the Imprezzas and Legacies? Also, how do you tell the difference between the EJ25 and the EJ22 visually? Many thanks!