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  1. Just an update: found a local garage that is able to data stream a 1993. The cam sensor and crank sensor were not in sync. On further inspection found the crank pulley bolt had backed out slightly. The crank gear notched out the key slot in the crankshaft causing the timing to be all over the place. The engine is done. Thank you to everyone for the help!
  2. Also btw, BG 44k is an excellent fuel additive that I have seen personally do "miracles." Look for it on Ebay. Usually about $20 a can
  3. Check out this thread, http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/18095-1993-legacy-gremlins/ Experiencing similar problems with my 1993. Unfortunately I have not been able to do work on it much lately as it is located out of town. As far as things to check, yours does sound electronic but just to eliminate, I would do a compression test as well as pull the timing cover and check the belt. Make sure it hasnt jumped a tooth or two.
  4. 1993 legacy 2.2 AWD. Is there a way to tell which fuel pump is the right one without ripping the pump out of the tank? Was looking to order one online but I started noticing they were different sizes (1 1/2 inch, 2 inch, threaded type, plug type.) Conveniently they were all listed as "direct fit" and "fits 1993 legacy 2.2" Really dont want to gut the car and let it sit for 3-4 days till the mail arrives. Is there anyway to tell what pump to order beforehand or am I stuck yanking the pump?
  5. Sorry just saw the top where you have some misfire codes. What codes are they in particular?
  6. Definitely check any codes for the CEL. 96 should have OBD2 so any auto parts store will usually scan it for free. My 93 2.2 is doing very similar to what you describe. Unfortunately being a 93 I have the good old blinking light. Not very helpful in my case. All its throwing is an O2 sensor code. However I believe that the code is probably more the face that its running rich as all hell more than a malfunction in the sensor. I have a heavy exhaust smell with mine.
  7. I never mentioned a used fuel pump. I did mention a used fuel pressure regulator if need be. The link I posted is for a new pump. For the price just switch the pump being its 20 years old. Not expensive nor............difficult at all in my opinion.
  8. I did not test the the volume. Gauge only tests pressure. As cheap as this pump is, I'm probably better off just buying it for testing purposes. If it makes the car run right and crapps out a week later, at least I know to get a reputable good fuel pump. Would probably cost significantly more for a gauge that measures pressure as well as volume. Also found a "good used" FPR. I posted links to both below. Bear in mind when Im in town the car gets driven maybe 150-200 miles and 10-15 a miles a week while im gone so it doesnt sit. If this were not the case I would never consider using such cheap a** s***. http://www.carparts.com/details/Subaru/Legacy/Replacement/Fuel_Pump/1993/4x4/4_Cyl_2-dot-2L/M314501.html http://www.ebay.com/itm/Subaru-Impreza-Legacy-SVX-Fuel-Pressure-Regulator-OEM-2-2L-2-5L-/271155575773?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Year%3A1993|Make%3ASubaru|Model%3ALegacy&hash=item3f2221bbdd&vxp=mtr
  9. Just to get an opinion what are everybody's thoughts on the fuel pressure regulator? I've been doing hours more of research and watching different Subaru repair videos. Seem to have similar issues (slight difficulty on cold start, it smells rich when it runs, mpg has plummeted, horrible hesitation to where I dont even want to drive it.) Just wondering if other members have ever had theirs go bad? When I looked at the car when I was in Ohio for thanksgiving, I did pull the vacuum hose off with the engine running and it did raise a couple hundred rpm I would guess. However I did not pull the hose with the engine off to check for fuel in the line (didn't know to do that.) I am heading back to Ohio in 4-6 weeks. Would love to hit the nail on the head with this old heap haha
  10. I have seen a similar condition one other time. Unfortunatly it was not on a Subaru. Like yours, it had been in an accident and repaired. It would have irratic changes in fuel pressure, random cylinder misfires, lights turning on and off, and the real laughable one was when we hit the key to start it and where the digital speedometer display is read "error" and the car would do nothing. To top it off, sometimes you would hit the key and it would run like new. During one of its episodes, my friend accidentally bumped into the front right fender while looking under the hood and immediately the problem went away. Looked and saw a wiring harness that I guess sustained some damage going to either the ECM or body control module can't remember which now it's been a few years. One of the wires was exposed and grounding itself out on the body creating a short. Fixed the wire and it never happened again. Hope this helps.
  11. Need to plug scanner into the computer OBD2 plug. May have codes in "pending status" that have not yet activated the light. If it is running excessively rich, there should be something. Never got more than 20-23mpg on a good day with my 2.2 legacy.
  12. Suffering the same issues with a 93 legacy 2.2. I have a thread a little further down that has a few suggestions from members. Still have had no luck with mine yet. http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/142792-93-legacy-no-power-at-all-under-load-will-idle-ignition-relay/
  13. That makes sense as well. Do you remember how long it took afterward? Didnt know if it was something you had to drive it for a while to dissolve the carbon deposits or if you noticed it right away
  14. Sounds like the thermostate is stuck open or opening way too soon. Try replacing that first. Its not a good idea to run the car for long periods cold at highway speeds. It will run very inefficient. You will probably start throwing engine light codes as well