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  1. Hi, I have a 2003 outback and it's pretty trashed, i have been eyeballing a 2006 forester with a blown engine, is there anything i should be concerned about with swapping in the 2003 engine to the 2006? Thanks
  2. I'm thinking of lifting my 2008 Forester. if i go up 3 inches (strut spacers) will i need to also change out trailing arms and such? I do realize i will need an alignment and adjustments. any input would be great. Thanks
  3. I have a 2003 Outback with a good transmission (smashed front end) and I am looking to get a 2002 Forester with blown Trans (both automatic ) will they fit? Anybody? Thanks Masher
  4. If the Block will work that may be enough, The 98 forester is in great condition, minus the bad engine, (main bearing) the 03 outback is hit hard, Driver side fender, strut, axle, lower control arm, engine mount/cross member, sway bar all shot... , the sub frame is tweaked as well right where the lower control arm bolts in.. and its a matter of economics, while obtaining all these parts is not difficult its can get costly, besides, i might have the 03 heads rebuilt as i am nursing a 04 outback with leaky gaskets... I guess time and funds will dictate what i do, thanks for the input
  5. I have a really nice 98 Forester 2.5 DOHC standard trans i was wonder what difficulties i would have swapping in a 03 SOHC 2.5 from a Outback auto trans The car was hit runs great just not drive able. if there is a previous thread please direct me i didnt see it on the first several pages Thank Masher