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    EA81 Idle issues
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    I always wanted a 4WD Subaru and now I need help building it into a long distance wheeler
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  1. Olyroller83GL

    Weberized ea81 stalls when turning left

    The installation guide from Weber said it came set at the right level from the factory But I suppose I should crack into it and check. Anything else I should look at while I got it split in half?
  2. I installed a new Spanish Webber on my 83 GL two years ago and it ran great for a while. But around 6 months ago it started stalling when I turn left with the clutch pushed in. I recently put in a fuel pressure reg when it started flooding but I am still having the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Olyroller83GL

    Weber EA81 Carb Adapter SJR NEW Product For 2016

    Does your adapter come with any sort of gasket? Or do you have to make your own.
  4. Olyroller83GL

    2 inch ea81 lift help

    Thanks everyone for the advice
  5. Olyroller83GL

    2 inch ea81 lift help

    I am trying to install a 2 inch sjr body lift on ea81 wagon and I have a few questions. First, do I need to install new longer custom brake lines with this size of lift? Also, there was no bracket included to drop the rear diff, do I need one if it's only 2 inches? And lastly, where do these pieces go, are they used to drop the trans/T-case? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Olyroller83GL

    Ea81-ea82 swap

    I had a similar problem, I checked every thing I could think of then my Girlfriend asked me if I checked the fuses......Thanks babe.
  7. Ea82. 2" lift for sale or trade. I bought this lift from a Subaru mechanic thinking that I would be getting an EA82. I then came across a really nice ea81. I'll sell the lift for $200 Or trade for an ea81 lift or a set of 14"pugs. I live in Olympia WA and would prefer not to ship