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  1. BoostedBoxer421

    Lowered EA82 wagon

    looks similar to mine minus the lowering how much lower than stock are you going??
  2. BoostedBoxer421

    Subaru Leone GLF aka FakeAE86

    i feel like your missing one thing... boost haha
  3. BoostedBoxer421

    Retro GL-10 TURBO build

    is that hood scoop from an old ford truck?? like a '55? like this one?
  4. thanks guys! i knew it would be bad for mileage and probably cause other problems so i had to find out haha. ill set up a vent for the vapor line to the tank
  5. hey everyone, I recently found a couple cracked vac lines on my charcoal cannister while sitting at work the other day, so I decided to just remove it since I don't have EGR or any other smog type stuff. after removing the cannister ive noticed my fuel tank pressurizes more than normal and i was wondering if there was a return line to the tank that i should put a check valve on or hook up somewhere else??? i have an 89 Loyale turbo thats moderately modified -dual range swap (was 4eat) -VF11 turbo -intercooler -MAF relocation -Delta street cams (260*) -3rd gen heads w/mild porting thanks for any help!!
  6. BoostedBoxer421

    timing for 9.5:1 compression EA82T

    the EA82M has been going strong for last 4000 miles and havent really been taking it easy, redline every day haha. gets 28mpg highway and still runs perfect. i miss the 12psi boost from my turbo block though haha
  7. BoostedBoxer421

    EA81T Turbo Rebuild Kit?

    i have like 4 spare EA82T turbos, theyre not too uncommon even at wrecking yards
  8. BoostedBoxer421

    can an ea sound like an ej

    i have a good video but i cant upload cuz its too big.... sounds almost like a WRX. its my modified EA82T with 9.5:1 compression, VF11 turbo from EJ22, and 2.5" straight pipe to the back
  9. BoostedBoxer421

    FEELER: EA Turbo Silicone Intake Hoses

    id be interested, also maybe PCV hoses since i have intercooler and other mods
  10. my modified CCR EA82T will go past the top of the tach LOL ive had it up to probably around 8750rpm or more and would probably push past that with more porting and a TD04 turbo i redline my EA82T every day and it seems to like it haha
  11. BoostedBoxer421

    My 1991 Turbo legacy, and a trip

    your thread makes me want a Legacy sedan haha (:
  12. BoostedBoxer421

    EA82T runs great and then bogs down and stalls

    have you diagnosed ECU codes?
  13. BoostedBoxer421

    To the backyard body men

    cut and weld it back together tougher!!!