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    We race a Subaru Legacy in ChumpCar. We have learned a few tricks we would be glad to share and have a lot of questions and seek info on improving our car so we can beat more of the hated BMWs.
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  1. Ok....lol thank you for the information would the cam timing being off cause it to not rev above a certain RPM? I am frustrated, since when I had the car I knew what was done to it. It’s hard to troubleshoot it after so many things were changed and then it’s handed back to me.
  2. That’s what we plan to do. The sensor in the transmission is a transducer. It takes the mechanical movement of the gear in the transmission and converts it to an AC waveform that goes to the combination gauge cluster. The circuit in the cluster converts the signal to a 5 volt DC square wave used by the ECM. Our frequency generator operates randomly from 30 to 40 Hz. And replaces the signal that should come from the gauge cluster which we don’t have. I’m an industrial electrician, controls guy. You apparently have an electrical, electronics background?
  3. Thanks for the replies. We verified the signals from the cam and crank sensors. We have not checked the timing and they did install a new timing belt during the rebuild. We will do that. From what I understand stock this car was speed limited to 120 mph. If so there is some limiter in the software. I had read that if the VSS signal is missing it will default to a 4000 rpm limit. We built the circuit to give the ECM a speed signal. We do not have a gauge cluster, since they removed it. Yes pin 81 is grounded for the 5MT. I will pull a gauge cluster and an ABS module and plug everything back in and see if that works and check the cam timing. Would the cam timing being off cause it to pull easily to 4000-4500 and then fall flat?
  4. Where to start...We built a 1998 Legacy to race with Champ (Chump) car and WRL and we have raced it on and off over the last 5 years. It was an automatic and we swapped to a 5MT. No problems with the swap. We built a high compression Frankenmotor, and ran it several races with no issues. We built a 2.2 bottom end with EJ25D topend and turbo with an AEM FIC. We had tuning issues but the car ran and we were headed in the right direction with it. Then, I got divorced. My good friend and I had done all the work on the car. The team took the car and another guy rebuilt the transmission and the 2.2 bottom end. He also totally removed the ABS system and the entire combination gauge cluster, along with a bunch of wiring. When they tried to race, the car had a rev limit of 4000 rpm. I now have the car back. We built a circuit to simulate the 5 volt signal on pin 83 to the ECM for the VSS. We also jumped pin 82 to ground so it does not think it’s in neutral all the time. We still have the 4000 rpm limit, and it’s running rich. Does the ECM need some signal from the ABS controller? Any ideas? I’m at a loss at this point. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Bored Legacy

    New guy with suspension questions

    After doing more research, we went with "cheap" coilovers off ebay for a WRX. Adjustable ride height with built in camber plates and pillow ball mounts.
  6. Bored Legacy

    New guy with suspension questions

    Hi. We race a 1998 Legacy AWD in ChumpCar. We did 4 events in our first season last year. We started with a totally stock car with 289,000 miles. As we destroyed parts, we upgraged and improved, learning as we went.We now have WRX brakes, and Legacy GT 16" wheels. We need cheap upgrades for our stock suspension. We need the car lower and stiffer. I have searched and find conflicting information, depending on who you ask. Are 2002 WRX springs stiffer and or shorter than the stock Legacy springs? Are 2002 WRX struts shorter and or valved differently? What would be the best package for roadracing? As of now I am leaning toward new stockish KYB struts and H&R lowering springs. Any knowledgable help would be appreciated. Thanks, Todd