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  1. jonpaul03

    My 78 BRAT project....

    Pump works fine when directly connected to the battery. I have continuity b/w the pump and the VR. The alternator tested good at Autozone. I havent been able to check the power going to the pump with cranking the engine. I have bypassed the tank with fuel cans.......and still same result. The pump isnt pumping. Is there a fusable link or something I should check? From what I have read the pump gets its power from the VR....and the VR gets its power directly from the Alternator. Not sure what the issue is.
  2. jonpaul03

    My 78 BRAT project....

    So..... I have continuity between all associated components and I still do not get power to my fuel pump. I have replaced the Voltage Regulator and pump itself. The generator tested good and I replaced the points/condenser. Battery is good and all fuses replaced as well. I currently have 2 pumps hooked up to test different grounds and still nothing. I bypassed the fuel tank and ran the fuel line to a gas can....still nothing. Any ideas??????
  3. jonpaul03

    My 78 BRAT project....

    Thank you! These diagrams are helpful, but I'm not sure how beneficial they will be for the issue I am having. My 78' ran perfectly before the EGR tube and accelerator pump went bad. I replaced both and now she wont run unless choke fully engaged. So...I did a master rebuild on the carb, replaced fuel pump and lines, checked vacuum lines, and flushed the tank. Still wont run without choke fully engaged. (Thats after getting it to start with pouring fuel into the carb)
  4. jonpaul03

    My 78 BRAT project....

    Thank you! Now if only I can get it to run again.... The dashmat came with the BRAT when I purchased it. I am not sure where it originally came from.
  5. jonpaul03

    My 78 BRAT project....

    Hopefully someone responds to this..... Has anyone eliminated the reserve tank and overflow limiter located on the right side/bed of their BRAT? IDK why it is necessary. And.....I have completed a master rebuild on the carb x2, replaced fuel lines, checked under the hood vacuum, replaced plugs, and replaced the fuel pump....still wont run.
  6. jonpaul03

    My 78 BRAT project....

    I need a sanity check!!! Testing a fuel pump by direct connecting it to the battery (with it still hooked up to the fuel lines) should still pump right? I have tested many unhooked this way, but never while installed. Mine clicks once and doesnt pump....clicks again after a few seconds, and then will click again when applied to the battery. It will not do anything between clicks while touching the leads to the battery... Am I going insane, or should it just pump when I apply the leads to the battery????
  7. jonpaul03

    Sneak Peak - 78 Brat project

    Sheet metal looks great from the picture! I wish my panels were that great....they are hard to come by! (especially non-wrecked driver-side front fender)
  8. jonpaul03

    My 78 BRAT project....

    Does anyone have recommendations on master rebuild kits for Weber 32 DGEV carbs?
  9. jonpaul03

    My 78 BRAT project....

    Mine just wont idle without the choke fully engaged. It ran perfect before I replaced the EGR tube and accelerator pump.... doesnt make sense.
  10. jonpaul03

    My 78 BRAT project....

    The weber looked great when I tore her apart. I checked the vacuum hoses and they look good. My weber didnt idle great until the valves, timing, and fuel/air/idle screw were adjusted good, but after I replaced the accelerator pump and EGR tube it hasnt ran good. I am almost thinking its a timing issue or distributor issue...... not sure though
  11. jonpaul03

    My 78 BRAT project....

    Hey guys! I have been away for a while and now that I am back I have something to ponder with yall. I have an issue with my BRAT and if yall have any advice or have experienced the issue I would love to hear it. It all started shortly after my EGR tube failed and the accelerator pump on my Weber carb failed. I could not get the brat to start unless fuel was poured into the ccarb and it was ran with the choke fully engaged. So.....I will break it down by series of events to follow: 1. Replaced the EGR tube and accelerator pump on the Weber. (problem still persisted) 2. Replaced the original fuel pump with a new one from rockauto. (problem still persisted) 3. Rebuilt the Carb (problem still persisted) 4. Checked/cleaned the sparkplugs which were covered in carbon tar (problem still persisted) 5. Drained the gas tank and replaced fuel with fresh fuel +some stabil for removing moisture (problem still persisted) 6. Replaced all of the fuel hose under the hood with new hose and fuel filter (Problem still persisted) I think I have pretty much eliminated a fuel issue. Any more thoughts on what might be the issue with my BRAT? Before the initial problems the BRAT was running great. It idled around 900 rpm and had very nice throttle response. It didnt smoke or run rich. I am looking for assistance trapping the gremlin! Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated!!!!
  12. jonpaul03

    My 78 BRAT project....

    Has anyone seen 1st gen Brats sell recently? If so, how much were they going for? I don't necessarily want to sell mine, but I am curious of what the market is like now.
  13. jonpaul03

    My 78 BRAT project....

    I had to fabricate an EGR tube and it cracked at the lower 90 degree angle going to the head. I either need to fab another one or delete the EGR all together....
  14. I was able to land theses beauties. Thanks for the heads up!! I have to fix the clips on the back of them, but overall they are in great shape.