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  1. So, do you think it would be a relatively solid car as long as I kept coolant in the trans, and the wheels torqued? What kind of product did you have in mind for the transmission? Because honestly, even if it needs special attention to things like the transmission, I really like this car and wouldn't mind that haha. (after a test drive of course.)Also, there are several SVXs that are currently not running, selling for parts, for around 500-750 in my area. Is that a reasonable way to get parts for a car like this, or should I just look up individual parts if I ever needed them? I'm relatively new to the car world, my Legacy is my first car so I'm no pro. Another update! Just found a 92 svx, doesn't specify how many miles, however he swapped the transmission for a 4.44 Outback trans. And it has the 3.3l flat 6 engine. It has aftermarket black 18in alloy wheels, AND he is including a parts car. $2k. I feel like I should jump on this, any thoughts?
  2. Hey guys, I'm new here. I currently have an 01 Legacy GT Limited with about 118k miles on it. Love this car, no mechanical problems at all. However, I've been eyeing a 1995 SVX LSi with 92k miles on it, for $2k. First question, is this a good deal? Exterior and interior look clean, I haven't taken it for a spin yet but the seller doesn't list any mechanical issues. Second question, am I crazy for wanting to get rid of my 01 Legacy for this? Like I said, I love my car, but I want something a little more powerful and sporty. This SVX seems like a good choice for me, because I love having the safety of AWD, but want something with a little more kick. Basically, I plan on buying this car and giving my current Subie to my sister who is currently a broke college student. Is it a bad call for me to get rid of my current ride, for this one? Thanks guys.