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  1. I've only removed the roll pin. Sometimes the passenger side is easier to drive out from the top due to the exhaust being in the way from underneath.
  2. colemanapp

    Arkansas off road in April

    Ive ridden dirtbikes down in that area. We always called it Missouri on steroids. Rocks are bigger, hillclimbs are longer. Great area for anything outside. Been to St Joe park too. If you cut through, I could showcase some nice gravel and trails in the area south of St. Louis.
  3. Look for up to '04 forester struts/springs which bolt on(minus swapping rear top hats to your stock ones as I recall). Nice lift and good road ride too. I would suggest adding up to half in rear strut top spacer as well. Seems like the front gets lifted more than the rear if you don't.
  4. I put some 04 forester struts, springs, etc on mine. I'd add a strut top spacer to rears as they ended up lower than the front by about a half inch.maybe 2" total gain but great upgrade for handling. Direct bolt on in all areas.
  5. might also be the steering joint coupler (not sure of the name). I had one go bad and it acted just like that before it got even more seized up.
  6. to clean the tank, we went old school and dumped some clean gravel in it and shook it around. I couldn;t believe how much stuff came out. Coated the tank and its been good since.
  7. it'd sure be worth checking that fuel sock in the gas tank. I don't know if that model has an accessible fuel level sender mounted on the rear of the tank but if you could remove that and look inside the tank, you'd probably find it full of crud and that sock caked in white gunk. Sounds exactly the same problem as a couple of older subarus we rescued. Dirty fuel tank, clogged pickup in tank.
  8. you'll need to pull the radiator out to give you room to change it in car but its easy to do the belts with the motor in the car, but i bet itd be hard to video. I pitch the front timing belt covers after i do the job too.
  9. is that the module for the electric seat belts? Should be in that area.
  10. colemanapp

    TheGageinator's 1992 Loyale build

    not sure on the connectors but when I had similar problems, I poured some berrymans into the iacv hose, let it sit for while, start it and run til it clears, repeat.
  11. colemanapp

    Subaru Noob

    I built a little lifted legacy from using some forester struts, springs, strut tops etc on a 95 legacy wagon. The forester stuff gave it a nice lift and still able to keep the cv axles quiet after a little settle in time., Went from the stock legacy tires (185-70-14) to some 02 outback wheels/tires 225/60/16 with no rub and really nice handling. i was surprised how tight it was on the street too. The forester must be quite a bit heavier than an older legacy. So, if you find a legacy, pretty easy to lift that too. Photo of 85 lifted RX bought in beautiful southern MO. Now thats a lift
  12. we picked one up with 50000 miles, cleaned and rebuilt the carb but it clogged up again right away due to the build up in the gas tank. Had to pull and clean the gas tank as well as remove a metal mesh sock around pickup area of gas tank. Ran perfect after another cleaning of the carb and new filter.
  13. colemanapp

    Exhaust issues

    those 'spacers' might already be the helicoils.
  14. my son has a 91 turbo ss at school, I'll see if he can shoot me a pic of that area for the ground.