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  1. That is what is confusing. They all worked get until the regulator went out in the alternator. Before I had the alternator rebuilt this began happening. My local dealer told me they found nothing wrong but the alternator when they ran their $65 diagnosis. Everything else is working normal except this. it is definitely the high beam indicator (blue). I have checked all the fuses I could find associated with the fog and headlights and all were ok. I am hoping that it is something other than a computer board.
  2. I have a 2006 Outback that recently had alternator problems. I have had the alternator rebuilt (the regulator was bad) and re-installed it. All of my issues have been corrected with the following exceptions. 1) my high beams do not work, either pushing the switch forward or just trying to flash them 2) my fog lamps do not work, when you turn the switch to turn them on the high beam indicator on the dash illuminates but the lamps do not come on. The headlights and running lights work fine. My first Subaru, love the car but it is turning into a money pit. Thanks for all help and suggestions.