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  1. I'll second that, the least you can do and only sensible.
  2. redskin

    Death of the Brat

    glad to hear your ok, its a bummer for sure, but appears repairable from the photo. With so many of these in wrecking yards parts are reasonably priced, l have in the past cut and shut new fronts on to these, yes its a bit of work but you only replace the bent side and front, then check the lot for square, (measure diag across engine bay from corner to corner on both sides), this can be done if the A frame is undamaged on this side otherwise junk it, its not worth the trouble.
  3. again no, last ones used up earlier panels and these were steel also, no galvanising was ever done by the factory on these panels. Your dad must be thinking about something else.
  4. not in Aus that l'm aware of. all were pressed steel panels.
  5. ok thanks Mike but l am moving overseas in the next month for business purposes and may possibly sell my beast, (not the way l'd like it), as unsure if l will be returning here again so please when the time comes, shoot me a pm please and l will advise you of my intensions, many thanks. Good luck with your studies. Pete.
  6. Does that mean the pm you sent me no longer applies, l'm confused. Please get in touch so l know. :-\
  7. redskin

    New Pics Of The "rat"

    Looks like serious fun.
  8. redskin

    Why am l here? USMB.

    :lol: , they do what now? :lol:
  9. redskin

    Why am l here? USMB.

    You know, l'm really impressed with most of these answers and agree completely, people on this board have sent me parts to Australia for basically nothing, answered my questions without reservations and generally tried to help whenever they can. l've made mistakes but been corrected with knowledgable answers backed up by fact. l can't believe this business about JD being a little surly, he's never flamed me..... ..... what the hell, l could swear l just got hit with a target.
  10. Serious question guys, Why do you like USMB and why do you prefere this site to any other? What keeps you coming back other than your love for old Subarus. l personally, spend very little time anywhere else, l read and sometimes post, the RS Lib club, reading but rarely posting, would be second, as l hope to one day get one so want to learn all l can, the rest l pass through rarely. The reason l come back is the comments, a little humour is understood and tolerated, you can sometimes be wrong and not attacked and genuine knowledgable help is at hand from multiple directions. Any Thoughts?
  11. That's what l'm thinking GD.
  12. No problem and sorry for butting in, but l've dismantled and reassembled my share, (a few more than 1), of 81's for restoration and paint and am very familiar with this set up having always stripped them out to do the work. we call this a coupe dash here as it differs from the Brumby or Brat, as you guys know it but is essentially the same system. the fresh air slide on Brumby's is located on our dash pads. Thanks for not taking offence, it's all about helping. cheers.
  13. l've not seen this before, my eyes are not great, is this corrosion damage or blown out? very unusual. :-\
  14. Been meaning to revisit this thread. Sorry to but in, l think you'll find the fresh air slide is the one over the vent, it's purpose is to open 2 vents, 1 either side and covered by your wiper gear, hence the grill under the windscreen,to allow fresh air into your car -the two buttons pictured are connected through the heater panel and decide whether you get fresh air or run recycled air through your heating system. That's why you don't get the choice on your heater slide. l hope this clears the matter up. Probably should have elaborated in my first post, sorry.
  15. Yes most of our cars have these buttons, there for air vents, 1 opens up fresh air, the other for recirclatory air.